A record quarter for Apple!

After the end of July, Apple has presented the economic results of the last quarter, which is the third of the year for the Cupertino company. And it is that the figures for this financial year have been quite good despite the fact that there is more and more competition in the technology market. In this post we are going to tell you the most relevant figures for this quarter.

The iPhone is still the best seller

The company posted a revenue record in the June quarter of 83,000 million dollars, 2% more than the previous year, thanks mainly to sales of the iPhone and services. In addition, the installed base of Apple devices has reached a record for all major product categories. Without a doubt, it has been a very good quarter for the Cupertino company, which despite the great competition in the sector, has achieved record figures in this quarter that ended on July 25. And it is that Apple never stops innovating and improving itself, which makes more and more people decide to buy one of its products, since it is a guarantee that you will have a quality device that will last for years.

Results Q3 2022


Q3 2022 (thousand million $) Q3 2021 (thousand million $)
40,665 39,570


Q3 2022 (thousand million $) Q3 2021 (thousand million $)
7,382 8,235


Q3 2022 (thousand million $) Q3 2021 (thousand million $)
7,224 7,368

Wearables, Home and Accessories

Q3 2022 (thousand million $) Q3 2021 (thousand million $)
8,084 8,775


Q3 2022 (thousand million $) Q3 2021 (thousand million $)
19,604 17,486

Total sales

Q3 2022 (thousand million $) Q3 2021 (thousand million $)
82,959 81,434

As expected, Apple sales they have been driven by the iPhone. And it is that it is the flagship product of the company and always generates benefits. However, the numbers for the Macs are not so good. And it is that the launch of the new models with the powerful M2 chip has meant that users have not fully decided on the change and have one of the best chips on the market. But without a doubt, where the most increases have been seen with respect to last year in this same quarter, it has been in services. The increase has been 12% in this sector, which is becoming one of the most important for the Cupertino company. If we talk about the iPad, the numbers are also quite good, since it has far exceeded the estimated millions of dollars.

iPhone 13

America and Europe, the continents with the most sales

In addition to the growth in the sale of products and services, Apple has had a rise in sales in Europe, which continues to be the second continent that offers the most benefit to the Cupertino company, behind America, which has also seen an increase in benefits compared to last year. In the rest of Asia, sales have also risen, but it is still one of the areas that generates the least profit for Apple.

Q3 2022 ($ billions) Q3 2021 ($ billions)
USA 37,472 35,870
Europe 19,287 18,943
China 14,604 14,762
Japan 5,446 6,464
Rest of Asia 6,150 5,395
Total income 82,959 81,434

In Asia the numbers have not been the best, and it has been seen that in Japan profits have fallen quite a bit, which has become the area that generates the least income. In China, despite the fact that benefits have also been lost, it has not been as large a figure as in Japan, and it continues to lead the areas where more Apple products are sold.

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