A review of all the great Batman villains

Batman’s most popular enemies

Let’s start with the archenemies, with those characters who became batman great villains for various reasons. So let’s get on with it.


One of Batman’s oldest enemies is unequivocally the Joker. Besides not only that, it is also one of the most popular and even loved by those who are fans of DC and his work. With a very changeable character, the goal is to drive the bat man crazy and even anyone who crosses his path.

Ra’s al Ghul

Leader of the League of Assassins, this enemy has lived for many years and has cultivated both his body and his mind. It is what makes it even more dangerous, but above all it is responsible for promoting crime in the city.


Obsessed with riddles and puzzles, Edward Nigma is Enigma. This villain is in continuous fight against Batman, whom he wants to show that he is much smarter than him. Hence, it does not stop leaving clues in the form of all these kinds of things that force you to think constantly

The Penguin

Along with Joker it is possible that The Penguin is one of the best known and loved by Batman fans. Oswald Cobblepot does not have great physical abilities, but he compensates with a mind capable of thinking quickly and without any compassion. Or almost, because deep down there was someone with whom he was very close: his mother.

Two faces

Harvey Dent is the one behind Two Faces. The ex-Gotham prosecutor He is both a friend and an enemy of Batman, of course it is difficult to trust him. Actually, anyone who goes with a two-sided coin and is always leaning on it to make decisions that he already knows perfectly well whether or not they will come out when he presents them as a duality from which to choose.


Jonathan Crane is a psychiatrist who uses his knowledge to play with people, with his own fears and thus lead them to a situation that favors their manipulation skills. For this, normally, it is helped by a gas that releases its victims.

Harley quinn

Former criminal psychiatrist, Harley Quinn was the one who treated him Joker This led to a major problem when she decided to fall in love with him and leave her good side behind to bond with the bad.

Dr. Freeze

Victor Fries was about to lose his wife and decided cryogenize it. That caused him to start experimenting and doing tests that would allow him to bring her back to life when he had a cure for his dangerous and deadly disease. Among his powers is the use of cold and everything that this allows him.


Although it may seem otherwise, Catwoman is one of Batman’s most famous villains. It is true that there are times when she helps Bruce, possibly when she is more conditioned by the personality of Selina Kyle. However, when she forgets who she is and adopts the role of the cat woman, things change and that darker section of her love and hate relationship with the bat man comes out.

The mad Hatter

A neuroscientist skilled enough to create hats able to control the minds of other users. That is what makes Jervis Tetch dangerous, a town known to all as the Mad Hatter.

Carmine falcone

One of the great bosses of the mafia of Gotham. Carmine Falcone directed crime in the city for years and was one of the first enemies the Dark Knight had.


This is a mercenary with a lot of strength and other physical abilities that fit very well to be a great enemy of Batman, especially since he is capable of replicate many of his combat moves as well as that of other rivals. That makes it difficult to fight him.

Killer Croc

Waylon Jones is an ex-wrestler who after a mutation for which his skin became scaly, he ended up becoming a criminal. In addition, those unique crocodile abilities are what make him more dangerous than he would already be on his own.


Mudface is one of those characters who have had different faces throughout Batman’s history, which makes the story of how they became Clayface change. Even so, most have had similar traits, such as the possibility of change so.

Hugo Strange

Responsible for multiple experiments in the mental hospital from Arkham, this psychiatrist is an avowed enemy of Batman and one of those who soon became recurrent.

Poison ivy

Poison Ivy or Poison Ivy is another of Batman’s most famous villains. On this occasion it is true that her goal of wanting to save nature is respectable, but doing it at all costs and forgetting about the people who live in Gotham is what makes her a real danger.

Other Batman villains

While the above are the most popular enemies, as we said at the beginning, Batman’s villains are quite numerous. Throughout the countless comics, graphic novels, television series, anime, and movies, many others have appeared. Logically not all have had the same weight and some will only be known and remembered by the very fans of the batman. Still, knowing their names never hurts, but not everyone has the same to tell.

In addition, to all of them we must add possible versions of other multiverses, such as even the other Batman that exist in parallel universes and that at some point have crossed. Something similar to what happened with Spider-Man. These are the other Batman villains.

  • Abbatoir, Arnold Etchison is a serial killer
  • Alfred Stryker, is said to be the first Batman villain
  • Anarchy, a young prodigy who believes has good purposes, but bad methods
  • Arkham knight, is the daughter of Jeremiah Arkham and is similar to Batman in terms of wearing armor that also protects her
  • Batzarro, in a distorted clone of Batman
  • Bird
  • Doctor hurt
  • Le Bossu, a French villain dressed as a hunchback and with some henchmen dressed as gargoyles
  • King Kraken, with a diving suit this character uses an electric rifle as a weapon
  • Candyman, Gotham crime boss
  • CatgirlBehind the mask is Kitrina Falcone, daughter of the criminal Falcone and partner of Catwoman.
  • Professor Pig, a deranged man who wears a pig mask as a sign of identity
  • Doctor Death, one of the first supervillains that Batman has
  • Duela Dent, who is also known as the Joker’s daughter

There is more? Yes, there are many more. Many came out hopefully in a comic and quickly. Hence, it is not very important or not that they appear in this list. What you should be clear about is that all the important villains are these. What’s more, the former are really the ones that have had a great weight in the Batman plot throughout all these years.

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