A review of all the James Bond films, Agent 007

Agent 007 vs. Dr. No (1962)

The first of the films of this super secret agent that could be seen on the big screen was Agent 007 against Dr. No. Here James Bond arrives in Jamaica with the mission to investigate the murders that are taking place by another special agent in the area. While conducting this analysis, he discovers a dark organization on Crab Key Island ruled by Doctor No. This has a plan that could change everything: change the course of the Cape Canaveral rockets.

From Russia with love (1963)

The next installment of 007 came a year later and was titled From Russia with love. A device capable of deciphering the most complicated communications between countries has been stolen, putting the Russian government’s investigations in jeopardy. So James Bond, ready for whatever, will be in charge of locating him traveling to Istanbul.

James Bond vs. Goldfinger (1964)

By your side James Bond vs. Goldfinger, a title that is barely a year from the previous one, tells the story of Auric Goldfinger, a rather evil tycoon who wants to explode an atomic bomb in Fort Knox. Place where the United States federal gold reserve is located. James Bon will be in charge of stopping him.

Operation Thunder (1965)

The movie Operation Thunder hit the big screen in 1965, to bring us a new James Bond adventure. A secret organization called Spectra infiltrates a secret agent to seize a bomber equipped with two nuclear bombs. Once they succeed, they threaten to destroy the United States or England if they do not give them 100 million pounds. Our super agent will be in charge of entering the interior of said organization to dismantle the mission without having to succumb to what they request.

You Only Live Twice (1967)

We reached 1967, at which time the delivery was published We only live Twice. Again, the Spectra organization has hijacked 2 spaceships, one Russian and one North American, to bring the two countries into conflict. Agent 007 will have to travel to Japan to try to dismantle the plan of Spectra and its leader Ernest Stavro.

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969)

The movie of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, released two years after the previous 007 installment, was the first and last film portrayed by George Lazenby as this secret agent. Oddly enough, Bond teams up with a mobster to join forces in the fight against Spectra. From the Swiss Alps, this organization plans to develop and launch a bacterium that could kill many, many people around the world. That is, a biological attack against which this agent and his new ally will have to face.

Diamonds for Eternity (1971)

A couple more years had to pass for the secret agent, once again played by Sean Connery (although it was his last film with this character) returned. In this case, the film was called Diamonds for eternity. After a vacation, this spy receives a call from Chief M to go in search of some rough diamonds that have magically disappeared.

Live and let die (1973)

The movie Live and Let Die it was the first title in which Roger Moore played agent 007. History tells how in a single day three British secret service agents have been murdered in a strange way. James Bond will travel to New York to investigate the case whose evidence points directly to a certain Mr. Big.

The Man with the Golden Gun (1974)

On The Man with the Golden Gun This super secret agent will have to fight hand to hand with a well-known hit man: Scaramanga, also called the man with the golden gun. This one will try to finish with Bond no matter what.

The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

After the disappearance of two nuclear submarines, in The spy who loved me James Bond will have to ally with another Soviet super agent named Amasova. Together they will fight together against Stromberg, a tycoon whose mission is to destroy humanity to create a more “whore” and less corrupt civilization under the sea.

Moonraker (1979)

The Equinox in the movies played by Roger Moore is named after Moonraker. Agent 007 will have to locate the Moonraker spacecraft that is missing. His investigation leads him directly to a tycoon named Hugo Drax, who captures our secret agent when he discovers his secret base from which he intends to launch a toxic gas that ends all life in the world.

For Your Eyes Only (1981)

In 1981 the film saw the light Only for your eyes. In it, this British super secret agent must recover something called ATAC. It is a device that the secret military service uses for satellite guided tours. Bond’s mission will be to get it back before it is sold to the Russian secret service.

Agent 007 must go to retrieve the ATAC, a secret military satellite guidance device, before it is sold to the Russians.

Octopussy (1983)

The movie Octopussy, published in 1983, tells the story of an investigation that Agent Bond must carry out after the death at the hands of a colleague who was carrying a forgery of an object of great value. This triggers all the alerts of the secret service that want to discover if there is a Russian maneuver to get the original piece. This investigation will lead Bond to a plot that will reveal a nuclear conflict.

A View to Kill (1985)

Roger Moore played this secret agent for the last time in Panorama to kill. 007 is ordered to unmask a mystery KGB spy businessman named Max Zorin. The objective of this evil character is none other than to destroy the San Andrés fault to cause a great earthquake with serious consequences.

High Tension (1987)

Two years later the delivery of High voltage, played in this case by Timothy Dalton. In this case, secret agent 007 will act as a bodyguard for General Koskov, who needs protection after defecting from the KGB. Even with his protection Koskov is captured again by the KGB, and now Bond will have to travel to Bratislav to find out his whereabouts.

License to Kill (1989)

The second and last movie in which Timothy Dalton acted as Secret Agent 007 was License to kill. Here this super agent goes in search of a Latin American drug trafficker who had killed his friend. Bond, allowing himself to be carried away by personal implications, seeks him out for revenge.

GoldenEye (1995)

Agent 007 came to life in GoldenEye thanks to Pierce Brosnan, whose first film was published in 1995. Bond, back on a well-deserved vacation, crosses paths with the beautiful and deadly Xenia Onatopp as they try to get hold of the blueprints for a helicopter invulnerable to interference. On the other hand, Natalya Siminova, a programmer in the Russian army, has survived General Ourumov’s plan to acquire a super secret weapon called Goldeneye, which emits nuclear pulses that disable any electronic equipment.

Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

On The tomorrow Never Die Bond will have to avoid Elliot Carver’s evil plan to start a war between Britain and China. Its objective? Get the emission rights in China to complete his emporium.

The world is never enough (1999)

During 1999, two after the previous installment, the film titled The world is never enough. 007 returns to act as a bodyguard, but this time from a girl who has inherited a billionaire fortune after the death of her father. Of course, this fortune will attract more than one unwanted person who will try to get it.

Die Another Day (2002)

The last film in which Pierce Brosnan played James Bond was Die Another Day, which hit the big screen in 2002. The M16 suspects that Zao, the son of Colonel Moon in the North Korean Army, could cause global instability. with a war between Korea and Japan. Bond will have to avoid it at all costs.

Casino Royale (2006)

Coming to the most current era of this super secret agent, played so far by Daniel Craig, his new vision takes us to Le Chiffre, the banker of all the biggest terrorists in the world. 007 will have to disassemble this net and, to do this, he will first have to beat Chiffre in a game of poker at the Royal Casino. This casino is the one that gives this movie its name.

Quantum of Solace (2008)

On Quantum of Solace We will see one of the most personal sides of this secret agent. Bond, betrayed by the woman he loved, will interrogate Mr. White to discover that the organization that made his wife abandon him is more dangerous than he thought. In this mission 007 he meets Camille, a young woman who allows him to discover the existence of one of the high positions of said organization.

Skyfall (2012)

The movie Skyfall 007 tests her loyalty to M, her boss, the moment her past is revealed against her. James will try to eliminate the threat at all costs. Now, after various adverse events, they only have each other and will “fight” against the world.

Specter: 007 (2015)

The installment published in 2015 called Specter He sends Bond directly on a secret mission that takes him to Rome. Here you will meet Lucía Sciarra, the widow of a criminal. After infiltrating a secret meeting, Bond discovers Specter’s return. In turn, the new director of national security calls into question the work of our secret agent. This, he will have to secretly present, recruiting Moneypenny and Q to help him locate the daughter of his arch enemy.

No time to die (2021)

The next agent 007 film that will be released very soon is called No time to die. As is often the case in Agent 007’s story, while on vacation, he is contacted by a CIA friend who needs him to rescue a kidnapped scientist.

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