A review of all the spin-offs of Pokémon

  • Pokémon Mysterious World: Red Rescue Team (Game Boy Advance – Nintendo DS, 2005)
  • Pokémon Mysterious World: Blue Rescue Team (Game Boy Advance – Nintendo DS, 2005)
  • Pokémon Mysterious World: Explorers of Time (Nintendo DS, 2008)
  • Pokémon Mysterious World: Explorers of Darkness (Nintendo DS, 2008)
  • Pokémon Mysterious World: Sky Explorers (Nintendo DS, 2009)
  • Pokémon Mysterious World: Adventure Squad (Nintendo Wii WiiWare, 2009)
  • Pokémon Mysterious World: Portals to Infinity (Nintendo 3DS, 2012)
  • Pokémon Mega Mysterious World (Nintendo 3DS, 2015)
  • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX (Nintendo Switch, 2020)

Pokémon Ranger

In Pokémon Ranger we will not control a trainer, but rather a aspiring ranger, who is a protector of nature and Pokémon. Our mission will be stop a team of villains on our way to becoming a Chief Ranger.

The catch in Pokémon Ranger It is not done with Pokéballs, but with a Captor, which is a kind of spinning top that we will control with the console’s stylus. The titles of this series are as follows:

  • Pokémon Ranger (Nintendo DS, 2006)
  • Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia (Nintendo DS, 2008)
  • Pokémon Ranger: Traces of Light (Nintendo DS, 2010)

Pokémon Rumble

pokemon rumble

In Rumble we will handle a Pokémon in the third person. Our mission will be to pass a series of phases in which we will have to face other enemy Pokémon. The mechanics are simple, and with experience we will acquire by defeating enemies we will obtain the possibility of buy new attacks or recruit new characters with which to fight. These are all the Rumble that have come out so far:

  • Pokémon Rumble (Nintendo Wii, WiiWare, 2009)
  • Super Pokémon Rumble (Nintendo 3DS, 2011)
  • Pokémon Rumble U (Wii U, 2013)
  • Pokémon Rumble World (Nintendo 3DS, 2015)
  • Pokémon Rumble Rush (iOS and Android, 2019)

Pokémon games based on Minigames

Pokemon pinball

pokemon pinball pikachu

Existed two installments of Pokémon Pinball, based on the first and on the third generation. In these two games, we had to select a board and hit a Pokéball to capture Pokémon, defeat enemies in small mini-games and generally acquire the best possible score.

  • Pokemon pinball (Game Boy Color, 1999)
  • Pokémon Pinball: Ruby and Sapphire (Game Boy Advance, 2003)


The first game of this genre was Pokémon Puzzle Challenge. It was a Tetris Attack type game that had little to do with Pokémon. Then they would end up dating other games also based on puzzles like Pokémon Link or Pokémon Suffle.

  • Pokémon Puzzle Challenge (Game Boy Color, 2000)
  • Pokémon Puzzle League (Nintendo 64, 2000)
  • Pokémon Shuffle (Nintendo 3DS, iOS and Android, 2015)
  • Pokémon Link! (Nintendo DS, 2005)
  • Pokémon Link: Battle! (Nintendo 3DS, 2014)
  • Pokemon Picross (Nintendo 3DS, 2015)
  • Pokémon Adventure between the keys (Nintendo DS, 2011)
  • Pokémon Quest (Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android, 2018)


pokepark wii

PokéPark combines several mechanics from previous games and we will have toTake on various mega challenges using Pikachu. We are also allowed take pictures exactly the same as in Pokémon Snap.

  • PokéPark Wii: Pikachu’s Big Adventure (Nintendo Wii, 2009)
  • PokéPark 2: A World of Illusions (Nintendo Wii, 2011)

Pokémon Channel

pokemon channel nintendo gamecube

This game was starring Pikachu and a TV. We had to do a series of minigames to unblock more TV channels. The game was extremely boring, but it sold quite a few copies because it was the only legal way to get Jirachi in the main series games. There was only one such edition:

  • Pokémon Channel (Nintendo GameCube, 2003)

Other titles based on minigames:

  • Pokemon dash (Racing) – (Nintendo DS, 2004)
  • Pokémon Art Academy (Drawing) – (Nintendo 3DS, 2014)

3D Combat Games

There is a line of video game of Pokémon dedicated exclusively to combat. Pokémon Stadium it was the first of all. In this title, our mission was to face other trainers with a team of rented Pokémon. The strong point of the game was its compatibility with major Game Boy games, since we could use an accessory, the Transfer Pak, to bring our monsters to the big screen. The mechanic was repeated in Stadium 2, whose main difference was the inclusion of the second generation Pokédex. After a few years, this line was reinvented again with Battle Revolution. In this Wii title, we could transfer the Pokémon from the Nintendo DS game with Wireless communication or simply play with the Pokémon that they loaned us in the arenas. The fights in this game are double, mechanics inherited from Colosseum and XD and that finally The Pokémon Company used for official competitive Pokémon tournaments, the famous VGC.

  • Pokémon Stadium (Nintendo 64, 1999)
  • Pokémon Stadium 2 (Nintendo 64, 2001)
  • Pokémon Battle Revolution (Nintendo Wii, 2006)


Pokkén is a fighting game based on Tekken and Sour Calibur. It was developed by Bandai Namco and for Wii U. A few years later ported to Nintendo Switch, where a few more playable characters were added.

  • Pokkén Tournament (Wii U, 2015)
  • Pokkén Tournament DX (Nintendo Switch, 2017)

Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon XD

In 2003, Genius Sonority taught Game Freak how to make a good Pokémon game with Pokémon Colosseum, a 3D title that totally broke with what was established in the main saga of pocket monsters. We were driving a ex-member of the Cepo Team, one orcriminal organization dedicated to stealing Pokémon. Our protagonist abandons her companions when she discovers that they have joined Cifer, another band of criminals who are dedicated to turning Pokémon into soulless machines.

dark lugia pokemon xd

A couple of years later, Pokemon eXtreme Darkness (or Pokemon xd), a sequel what would he tell us Cifer resurgence in the Aura region. For many Pokémon fans, Colosseum and XD are the path that the Nintendo franchise, Game Freak and Creatures Inc. should have taken. If you are a fan and have not played them, you are not missing two great gems.

  • Pokémon Colosseum (Nintendo GameCube, 2003)
  • Pokémon XD: Dark Tempest (Nintendo GameCube, 2005)

Collectible-based Pokémon games

Pokémon Snap

pokemon snap nintendo switch

It was originally released for Nintendo 64. In the game we will have to capture Pokémon and get hold of all of them, yes, but using a camera instead of Pokéballs. The sequel is called New Pokémon Snap and it’s on Nintendo Switch. The most repeated criticism of this video game is the impossibility of handling the character, since it is a Rail shooter.

  • Pokémon Snap (Nintendo 64, 1999)
  • New Pokémon Snap (Nintendo Swith, 2021)

Pokédex Games

  • Pokédex 3D (Nintendo 3DS, 2011)
  • Pokédex 3D Pro (Nintendo 3DS, 2012)
  • Radar Pokémon (Nintendo 3DS, 2012)
  • Pokedex (iOS, 2012)

Storage and Collection

pokemon home

Throughout the various installments of Pokémon, various tools to move creatures from one game to another. At first, these apps were free, but eventually they became a cloud storage service for Pokémon with the arrival of the Pokémon Bank. These are the titles that belong to this group:

  • Pokémon Box: Ruby and Sapphire
  • My Pokémon Ranch
  • Pokémon Bank + Poké Shuttle
  • Pokémon Home

These tools include Pokémon Home, a online service that exists since 2019 that serves as bridge among all Pokémon video games and applications. Currently, it serves as a link between Pokémon Let’s Go, Pokémon Sword and Shield, Pokémon GO, and Pokémon Bank.

Pokémon Trading Card

pokemon trading card online

The first card title originally came out for the Game Boy. It was a video game that was visually reminiscent of the main games, but with a simpler aesthetic. Trading Card was a way to bring the card game to many Pokémon fans. A second version came out in Japan and in recent years it was released Pokémon Trading Card Online, which is a web-based card game simulator.

  • Pokémon Trading Card (Game Boy Color, 1998)
  • Pokémon Trading Card 2 (JP) (Game Boy Color, 2001)
  • Pokémon Trading Card Online (web-based, 2012)

Pokemon go

Pokémon GO turned the concept we all had of Pokémon when it was released in 2016. It’s a augmented reality game Developed by Niantic for iOS and Android devices. The game uses the camera and GPS capabilities of mobile devices to capture, fight and train Pokémon, which appear on the screen of our mobile pretending they are in our real world.

Board games and strategy

Pokémon Duel

This board game came out in 2017 for mobile devices. It is an online 6 vs. 6.

Pokémon Conquest

Pokémon Conquest is a kind of Risk based on feudal Japan. We will assume the role of a Warlord and we will have to conquer all the regions of the Rensei region to unify it in a single territory. We will start the mission with an Eevee, and later we will have to recruit different Pokémon to form an army and fight against other warlords. The game was released in 2012 for the Nintendo DS.


These are the apps available for the different mobile platforms.

  • Pokémon Jukebox (Android, 2015)
  • Pokémon TV (iOS and Android, 2013)
  • Camp Pokémon (iOS and Android, 2014)
  • Pokémon Photo Booth (iOS and Android, 2016)
  • Pokémon Magikarp Jump (iOS and Android, 2017)
  • Pokémon Masters (iOS and Android, 2019)

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