A review of its history: all the Apple Watch that have been launched

The evolution of the Apple Watch

Once these basic concepts about Apple Watch or Apple smart watches have been taken into account, we can go on to talk about each of the models that have been presented. Since 2014, every year Apple has presented a new generation of this smart device that we are going to analyze.

Apple Watch (first generation)

This was Apple’s first smart watch and was officially introduced on September 9, 2014 by Tim Cook. But the pre-reservation was not enabled until April 10, 2015 and it went on sale on April 24, 2015. Although, it would not be until June 26 when it went on the market in Spain or Mexico. In this case, many users were impressed by the square design of this watch and all the functions that it integrated. Along with this, the watchOS operating system was also released.

In this case, different interesting functions were integrated, such as Siri, Apple Pay, reading email, making FaceTime calls or monitoring health and fitness. In this case, three different models of Apple Watch were launched, with different characteristics that were the following:

  • Apple Watch Sport.
  • Apple Watch.
  • Apple Watch Edition.

Apple WatchSeries 1

Due to the success of the Apple Watch, Apple opted for a real renewal with a price that started from 339 euros in Spain. In this case, as has been seen previously, the next generation was renamed Series 1. This could become somewhat confusing, since many users consider this to be the first Apple Watch, but this is somewhat wrong. Specifically, the Series 1 model could be purchased on the world market as of September 16, and is available in two different sizes: 38 and 42mm.

apple watch series 1

In this case, the watch was a real revolution, since the new S1P chip was released, which had dual core and GPU. In this way they tried to solve all the performance and fluidity problems that the first generation had. This chip was much more powerful than the original and allowed the clock to be twice as fast. Also, the option to get the watch in different different editions when it comes to color was added. And when it comes to price, the company ended up going down to be able to have a greater number of sales due to the problems of the first generation.

Apple Watch Series 2

Likewise, in 2016 Apple also presented the Apple Watch Series 2, which tried to leave behind the facelift that they did to the first generation (later called Series 1). In this case, the main novelty to be integrated into the Series 2 was the gps connectivity, which was highly demanded by users. That is why it improved the quantification and measurement of sports activity. At all times you could know, for example, where you had gone when doing physical exercise. That is why the first step was taken to be completely independent of the iPhone when doing different activities. Obviously, this brought the inconvenience of excessive battery consumption in this watch.

Another of the great novelties was the inclusion of a Dual Core chip, an accelerometer with greater sensitivity and also an improvement in water resistance. In this way it would be possible to have a series of aquatic activities that are much more varied. Likewise, it was presented with the new version Watch OS 3 that accelerated the applications. And finally, the runners were in luck by introducing the version Apple Watch Nike.

Apple Watch Series 3

The year 2017 was marked by the launch of the Apple Watch Series 3, specifically on September 22. As expected, it did not come in any case with changes in the general design that remained completely conservative. The main novelty that arrived, and which was a real headache, was the inclusion of LTE technology. In this way, the Apple watch became completely independent by being able to connect to the internet through the mobile data network, having a virtual SIM card. But this was a real headache for the operators who were forced to adapt their programs to this new technology from Apple. There were many operators that took months to adapt and offer this technology in their catalogue.

apple watch series 3

This connectivity thus allowed access to all messages and notifications without carrying the iPhone on top. This was also added to the possibility of make and receive calls at any time. Inside, a new integrated Dual-Core processor was also added that finally allowed a 70% faster clock. In this way, Siri could speak directly with users.

Apple Watch Series 4

This watch model was released on the market on September 21, 2018. It came with some relevant improvements both in hardware and in general design. In this way, from this moment on, the screens were going to take much better advantage of the device’s chassis. A design of 40 and 44 mm was chosen, when previously it was 38 and 40 mm. This was a design change really demanded by users, although with the same case and the same straps. The screens, according to Apple data, increased by 20%.

Apple Watch Series 4

The other big improvement that was integrated into the hardware of the device was related to health. Specifically, it was seen how Apple opted for the electrocardiogram function adding a new sensor in the digital crown. In this way, by putting your finger on the crown, the watch was able to perform an electrocardiogram of a lead, aimed at detecting atrial fibrillation. Likewise, it was a very limited function, being first available in the US. He did not arrive in Spain until the following year.

Apple Watch Series 5

Just one year later, in September 2019, the Apple Watch Series 5 was released, which was a completely conservative version when it came to features. This model included a always-on retina display that never “sleeps” so you can check the time and other important information without having to lift or touch the screen. Likewise, with regard to the software, the option of having new location features was added, from the integrated compass to the altitude, helping to have a better orientation.

apple watch series 5 sale

Beyond this, in a minor way, added the option to have international emergency calls. This made it possible to make calls to all emergency services wherever you are. Likewise, it is integrated with fall detection, thus being aimed at the safety of users who are outside their countries or are in areas that are dangerous.

Apple Watch Series 6

This watch model was introduced on September 15, and finally put up for sale on September 18, 2019. In this case, there were no notable changes externally, but improvements regarding health were finally integrated. In this case, we introduced the blood oxygen saturation sensor that is capable of detecting if there is hypoxia. It was presented as an option capable of detecting sleep apnea by having the ability to perform monitoring throughout the entire night. According to Apple, the watch is capable of completing the analysis in just 15 seconds.

Apple Watch Series 6

In this case, this is the only novelty that accompanied the device in general. It should be noted that also the S6 SiP chip, Based on the A13 chip, it was also integrated into this watch to be able to offer higher base performance. In turn, the U1 chip was included to allow different functions such as opening the car with digital keys and without losing its security.

Apple Watch SE

Together with the Apple Watch Series 6, the September 18, 2020, Apple Watch SE officially launched. This model responded to the market need for a smart watch at a reduced price so that everyone could have access to it. Likewise, some important features also had to be sacrificed. In this case, it was chosen practically launch an Apple Watch Series 3 in terms of design and also features such as the notification system and also the health sensors.

Apple Watch SE

was missed from minus this way the oxygen saturation sensor or even the possibility of performing an electrocardiogram. That is why there is a basic watch at a price that it was around 300 euros and that anyone could have linked to your iPhone. Mainly aimed at monitoring physical exercise and having access to the entire notification system and also to phone calls.

Apple Watch Series 7

The October 15, 2017 This new watch model with very conservative features finally arrived on the market. The visual changes mainly stayed on the screen, moving to have much smaller borders. In this way, you have more space to be able to manipulate notifications or answer text messages. Likewise, it also came with new functions to measure physical activity and the spheres that were exclusive to this generation. That is why you could enjoy two different models with prices that also vary based on the base. These are:

  • Apple Watch Series 7 41mm: 429 euros.
  • Apple Watch Series 7 45mm: 459 euros.

new apple watch straps

Without a doubt, it is a watch that is quite conservative in this sense, since it barely integrates improvements. Obviously, a processor is also integrated in the bowels that is much more powerful than in the previous model. This has provided in this way that the applications can be executed much faster and it has also facilitated the fact of having a more efficient load that, without a doubt, is always appreciated.

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