A Samsung patent raises a folding smartphone with three screens

A patent granted to Samsung shows that the company is serious about creating a foldable smartphone with three screens. It was the South Korean giant itself that launched this type of device with the first Galaxy Fold, which was not very well received due to its price, questionable durability and the high price of screen replacement, precisely the component that further shortened the durability of the device (or at least keeping it seemingly without obvious failure or damage).

The technology of folding smartphones has been polished over time, not only by the hand of Samsung, which with the Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 seems to have taken a qualitative leap, but also thanks to the addition of competitors such as Huawei, which seems to have made a relatively strong bet with the P50 Pocket.

Seeing the good prospects surrounding folding smartphones for the year 2022, TechSpot has echoed a patent granted by Samsung and published in LetsGoDigital which shows the design of a smartphone with three screens and it has two sets of hinges, so it is bent at two points, as you can see in the following image.

The outer screen has a fingerprint sensor, while the rear incorporates a triple camera setup and it would support essential internal components like batteries. The device would also have a connector USB Type-C and an HDMI port.

Although the patent has now been released, it is known that Samsung has been intending to launch a foldable device with three screens for a long time. In fact, Samsung Display, a YouTube channel, showed in August 2021 a device whose screen could be folded into an S shape that could not be related to the patent that we are dealing with in this post.

Few doubt that folding smartphones will be polished in the future and we will probably find some other peculiar proposal. However, the optimism around folding smartphones is linked to a possible price drop by 2022, but it is also true that many said that the Xbox Series X had aroused more interest than the PlayStation 5 and then it was seen that the console of Sony started out selling much more than Microsoft. That folding smartphones are interesting from a technological point of view does not mean that consumers see them as useful or interesting.

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