A school employee steals an iPod for 700,000 €, she gets 18 months in prison

A school worker in the United States hijacked several thousand iPods. The amount of the loot is 700,000 euros. For five years, she bought products for the establishment that she resold with her two accomplices on eBay. The three people receive a prison sentence.

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Apple products, especially iPhones, are regularly the subject of news. For example, we relayed in our columns an anecdote involving Amazon employees. In 2020, they would have stolen iPhone for 500,000 euros by exchanging boxes. Thieves changed the contents of boxes with new iPhones, then shipped them to each other. But smartphones aren’t the only ones affected.

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Indeed, iPods also attract envy. Here is the proof, with the theft of several thousand music players by a former school employee in the United States. It relied on the system allowing school groups to buy and distribute computer equipment to students: computers, tablets, etc. Products are purchased in large numbers on behalf of the school using the federal grants. But they don’t end up in the hands of schoolchildren.

She made $ 700,000 stealing iPods bought for a school

This former employee is called. Kristy Stock. She worked at a school in New Mexico. And thanks to this scheme, she bought more than 3 000 iPod between 2013 and 2018. That is to say a market value of Around 700,000 euros. For five years she commanded between 100 and 150 iPods at a frequency of 2 to 3 times a year. Each time, she chose a variegated variety, both in terms of colors and storage. Why ? To attract customers, of course.

Indeed, Kristy Stock resold iPods on eBay with the help of two associates to manage the logistics. An easy solution to make ends meet. Unfortunately, it was too greedy: the considerable volume attracted the attention of the establishment which discovered the combination. The former employee and her associates were tried this week. They get a prison sentence ranging from 1 year to 5 and a half years. Kristy Stock’s imprisonment period will be followed by a three-year period of probation.

Source: Maryland Court

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