a season 2 for the adventures of Kate Bishop?

Hawkeye just ended on Disney +. What questions do we ask ourselves after the final episode of the Marvel series?

It’s Christmas before its time on Disney +. The House of Ideas makes a nice gift to its fans, with the adventures of Kate Bishop and Clint Barton concluding on the small screen. A particularly expected final, since it promised to introduce new characters and give us a little idea of ​​the program of the house of ideas for the coming years. Explosive and rich in twists and turns, the conclusion did (almost) not disappoint. Back to the things that should not be missed.

*** Warning Spoilers ***

No Daredevil?

We waited for him, until the last second, but he never pointed the tip of his nose. Matt Murdock has visibly remained lurking in the shadows and did not help Kate Bishop and Hawkeye during the clash against the Kingpin. However, we hoped to see him pass a head, we will obviously have to be patient. However, we can take comfort in telling ourselves that we should not wait too long.

Is Wilson Fisk Dead?

wilson fisk in Daredevil
Credit: Marvel / Netflix

Echo has discovered the truth about the death of his father. After chasing Ronin for several episodes, she finally confronted her big boss, aka Wilson Fisk. A meeting that ended badly for Wilson Fisk, who obviously took a bullet in the head.

But is he dead? We bet not. After all, you should never trust what you think you are perceiving outside the box. We did not see the character camped by crashing to the ground, so we can imagine that he will find a way out. He always did so far. On the other hand, we regret not having had any explanation for his escape, after the final of Daredevil.

Is Kate going to become an Avengers?

Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld
Credit: Marvel

The little archer has proven herself, so we can easily imagine her joining the very closed circle of the masked Avengers, if of course it still exists. After all, without its leaders, the superhero organization seems to be in trouble. She could also join the Young Avengers, in the comics, she joins the team made up of Iron Lad, Patriot, Hulking, Asgardien and Cassie Lang. She recovers the title of Hawkeye after the death of Clint Barton, in tribute to the archer.

With the next introductions of Ms Marvel, Iron Heart and also, but especially She-Hulk, we can imagine a reunion of young vigilantes in the coming years, on Disney + or on the big screen.

Who is Clint Barton’s wife?

hawkeye clint and laura barton
Credit: Marvel

We finally know who owned the famous watch found in the Avengers tower. It is finally a relic of the former life of Laura Barton, Hawkeye’s wife. Rather discreet so far, she has revealed some of her secrets with this grand finale. She is none other than Agent 19 of SHIELD, also known as Mocking-Bird.

Comic readers and Marvel: Agents of SHIELD viewers are familiar with this character. It was then camped by Adrianne Palicki and was part of the team led by Phil Coulson. Obviously, Disney has decided to draw a line on this whole aspect of the story, yet directly connected to the plot of the MCU. It remains to be seen if we will see her again in the future.

When will we see Hawkeye again?

Credit: Marvel

This was to be a formal farewell to Clint Barton, after more than a decade of living in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the hero was to retire and pass the torch to Kate Bishop. We can nevertheless hope to meet him in the future, probably not in a solo film, but why not in the next installment of the adventures of Black Widow. After all, her fate is intimately linked with that of Yelena Belova.

A season 2 on the program?

hailee steinfeld hawkeye
Credit: Marvel

Hawkeye’s end leaves the door open to a sequel. If Disney has always announced that it will be a mini-series, we can easily imagine that things will change if the public is ready to find Clint and Kate for the rest of their common adventures. Producer and director Rhys Thomas told First rather be ready to develop a sequel. “We have created a great dynamic in my opinion, a relationship that shows a certain chemistry. So, yes, we could perfectly consider continuing to explore this world… Even if there are no plans at the moment (for a season 2) ”

The Avengers soon on Broadway?

avengers on broadway
Credit: Marvel

The disappointment is great among the spectators, who undoubtedly expected one or more post-credits scenes, in good and due form. Instead, Disney + unveiled a sung segment from the musical Rogers. No information on the rest of the MCU, but a musical replay of the Battle of New York.

The next Marvel series?

she hulk first images
Credit: Marvel

This year 2021 has been busy for the house of ideas, which will take advantage of the holidays to take a deserved break on the small screen. An absence that should be short-lived since many projects are in development for Disney +. In 2022, we should thus find Loki for a season 2, Moon knight with Oscar Isaac in the lead role. Ms Marvel and She-hulk are also on the program.

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