A smartphone saves the life of a Ukrainian soldier, the screen stopped the bullet

A Ukrainian soldier was saved by his smartphone. Located in his pocket, it stopped the projectile an enemy had fired at him. Its screen and the shell are pierced. In a video posted on social networks, the ball is perfectly visible. An anecdote reminiscent of the Razer headset that saved the life of its owner by deflecting a bullet with its metal hoop.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

We regularly echo unusual miscellaneous facts highlighting electronic products that have saved the life of their owner. Sometimes in extreme cases. We have mentioned in our columns the adventure of an experienced surfer who fell into a crevasse and managed to call for help using his iPhone and an “old” 3G connection.

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Sometimes the rescue is due to a function built into the product. This is the case of fall detection integrated into the Apple Watch: the connected watch can call for help when the owner is no longer moving. In other cases, it is more accidental. In March 2022, we shared the story of this Razer headset that saved its owner’s life. Its metal hoop deflected a revolver bullet that went through its window.

Smartphone stops rifle bullet and saves soldier’s life

This week we learn that a smartphone saved the life of a Ukrainian soldier. During a clash with Russian forces, he was saved thanks to his phone stored in his pocket. The latter received a rifle bullet which was intended for him. In a video posted on social networks, the soldier shows a brother-in-arms his smartphone which received the projectile. Unfortunately, the brand of the smartphone is not visible there.

In the message that accompanies this video, the author claims that it is a bullet with a caliber of 7.62 mm, an ammunition used in particular in Russian AK-47 rifles. In this document we can see that the bullet almost went through the smartphone, his head protruding from the screen and the protective shell. Obviously, the bullet entered the phone’s body at an angle, explaining how the device was able to stop the projectile.

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