A Steve Jobs job application auctioned for almost three hundred thousand euros

Everything that tastes, smells or is Apple is likely to end up being auctioned at some point. The more years that pass, it is easier for those auctions to reach astronomical prices for those objects that are auctioned. Let’s remember the Apple one or those objects that have belonged to the founders of the company. All of them have a halo of romanticism and of course, exclusivity. If these objects have belonged to Steve Jobs, their value increases and if it is a manuscript in his own hand, even more. The latest has been the auction of a job application.

Everything that surrounds Apple is susceptible to someone buying it and paying a lot of money for it as well. If what you want to auction is a manuscript in the handwriting of the soul of Apple, Steve Jobs, the thing acquires an unimaginable importance and value. That’s what happened to this job application made by Jobs himself. The curious thing about this auction is that this time it has been put up for sale the physical document and the same but scanned. Logically a higher figure has been reached for the physical.

The auction ended with the sale of the original document for a new record of $ 343,000, what has been 288869 euros. This is approximately 12 times more than the digital version that was close to $ 28,000, about 23,581 euros.

The document It is dated 1973 and signed by Jobs. Not much is known about the document. Jobs completed it when he was probably 18 years old and attending Reed College or taking auditing classes at the institution. Of course, it has been verified by PSA and Beckett. The payment has been made through the cryptocurrency Ethereum.

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