A stock of PS5 is available at SFR, quickly!

If you are looking to buy the PS5, know that a new opportunity is available to you. This Thursday, April 28, 2022, it is possible to take advantage of a special operation at SFR which allows you to obtain the console under certain conditions.

The PS5 in stock with a fiber offer at SFR Thursday April 28, 2022

As it has been doing about once or twice a month for the past few weeks, the operator SFR is offering an offer that allows you to buy a PS5 “at a reduced price”. The digital version costs €241 and the standard version €341, all with not one but two DualSense controllers included whichever version you choose! However, a few conditions must be met in order to benefit from it.

If at first glance the offer seems rather interesting, there are some important elements to take into account: it is mandatory subscribe to a Fiber SFR subscription with a 24-month commitment (a condition that might cool some or not for others, so hard is it to find the PS5 in stock since its release in September 2020). The first year of subscription is billed at 34 € per month and it increases to 53 € per month for the second year of commitment.

A worthwhile offer?

So is this offer worth it or not? Well, once the calculations are done, at the end of the 24-month commitment, the total price for the formula PS5 Digital amounts to €1,285 (€1,044 for the subscription of 2 years + 241 € for the console + 2 controllers) and for the formula Standard PS5it amounts to 1385 € (1044 € for the subscription + 341 € for the console + 2 controllers).

To this must also be added the service opening and termination fees which amount to €49 each. That said, given the shortage that has affected Sony’s console since its launch, it may be of interest, provided that the 24-month commitment is not a constraint for you.

Regarding the services included in SFR’s Fiber subscription, the operator ensures that the download speeds reach speeds of up to 1 Gb/s and 500 Mb/s upload. In addition to having an ultra-fast internet connection, the offer includes landline telephony with unlimited calls, both to landlines and mobiles, as well as 200 TV channels and services.

How to take advantage of it if you are interested?

You must go to the offer page and choose the version of the PS5 you are interested in (standard or digital). Then select the payment terms, the Fiber Box offer to which you wish to subscribe and you will only have to finalize your order. Once all these steps have been completed, SFR will activate your line and then connect your Box. The amount of the console and/or the monthly payment will be deducted from your next invoice. The PS5 will then be delivered to your home after an appointment made in advance with the carrier.

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