A store puts 17,000 NVIDIA RTX 30 GPUs up for sale and this happens …

When a new generation of graphics cards is launched, it is expected that the demand after the launch and its date will be high. It is something that has always happened and it sure will always happen, but in this case, as we saw with the RTX 20 graphics cards, the RTX 30 have been out of the market for almost a year and now that there is a stock … they are prohibitive, but fortunately not everywhere.

Best Buy and 17,000 NVIDIA RTX 30 available at your MSRP price


What happened comes from the US where the franchise more than recognized in that country Best Buy announced that last night it would resupply the stock of NVIDIA RTX 30 GPUs at MSRP prices, that is, at the price set by the manufacturer. The 17,000 cards would be intelligently dispersed throughout the country and to all its stores, so in the global count there would be few hundred units available in the best of cases.

Jarred Walton wanted to get one of them at his closest store located in Fort Collins, Colorado, but when he arrived in the morning the scene was strange: a few dozen users queuing to buy, how was it possible?

The answer is even more surprising. Users had spent yesterday queuing since 11 a.m. and had camped all night. The Fort Collins store received 120 units of RTX 30s, from the RTX 3090 to the RTX 3060 Ti, but according to the brave campers, the queue reached more than 200 people.

The human being can be extraordinary … or not


At 8 in the morning the store opened its doors and with it the lucky ones who the night before had received a photo of their graphics card were able to access in order to acquire it. The interesting thing is that two hours later some users had returned their cards, so at 10 in the morning there were still 5 available to buy.

At this time there were still more than 30 people in the queue, not counting those who camped out and left empty. The 5 graphics cards returned at Best Buy were two RTX 3060 Ti, one RTX 3080 Ti and two RTX 3090, which may make sense for the more expensive ones, but the $ 400 RTX 3060 Ti (340.32 euros)?

Apparently, some users had had regrets when buying the cards and they had been returned with the corresponding refund. This had meant that some users who were eager to update their PCs or mount them could definitely acquire one of these 5 cards and thus enjoy greater speed, resolution and effects in their favorite games.

What will happen to the stock here in Europe? The latest rumors affirm that everything is slowing down, the stock would not be ideal again until within at least 6 months, prices have slowed their decline and may even rise somewhat, moving further away from the MSRP.

In any case, these are not a good time to buy a GPU unless we find a streak in the water like the one Best Buy disposed of.

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