A story on wheels: The entire Gran Turismo saga

Grand Touring 2 (1999)

grand tourer 2 ps1 psx

Just a couple of years later, Polys, the original Gran Turismo studio became PolyphonyDigital. At the end of the millennium, they decided to repeat the game, but this time adding European vehicles. Preserving the style and releasing the game for the same console, Grand Touring 2 raised the list of cars to 650. The game went from having 9 tracks to increasing the number of circuits to 27which we could now tour in a BMW, Audi or even a Lotus.

grand tourer 2 gt2

The game was not as successful as its predecessor, but already in this title the drag Racing, the manufacturer competitions of cars or countries and the pit stops. The basis of Gran Turismo that we know today.

Grand Touring 3 (2001)

grand tourer 3

Continuing with the same rhythm, in the middle of 2001, Polyphony Digital launched the third installment of their car game, but this time, they would for PlayStation 2. The new 3D models used 8 times more polygons than its predecessor (4,000 vs. 500 in GT2). Now the cars had details like brake discs.

grand tourer 3 ps2

Yes, there was a setback. Normally, you have to sacrifice quantity to the detriment of quality. The number of cars dropped to 181. In return, the cars now handled much better, the Rally experience was much more immersive, and the tracks were not only kept, but 14 more were added.

Grand Touring 4 (2005)

gt4 grand tourer ps2

Entertainment franchises grow until they reach their maximum peak. A point where they reach perfection. And later, they tend to become lethargic, because, whatever they do, it will never be enough. Their own fame will bring them down. Almost everything that has been successful in the video game world has gone through this process. AND Grand Touring 4 it was precisely that. A banner that, at the same time, acted as a hindrance for the development of future titles.

grand tourer 4 gameplay

Any Gran Turismo fan will tell you that GT4 is their favorite game in the series. Had 700 cars. He had 80 manufacturers different. In addition to driving (A-Spec), it had a mode where you were the chief engineer of a team (B-Spec), where you had to give command your pilot, organize a strategy of stops, calm him down in moments of anxiety or hurry him up if he fell asleep on his laurels. Was a game 10 for a PlayStation 2 that was beginning to reach the end of its cycle.

Grand Touring 5 (2010)

grand tourer 5

They were 5 eternal years. Kazunori Yamauchi’s ears are probably still ringing from the nice comments that fans of his saga gave him after delaying the game countless times. Finally, after dozens of trailers, cinematics and even a demo that was sold (which we will talk about later), Grand Touring 5 finally came out for Playstation 3.

gt5 ps3

The mother who brought you, Yamauchi. Those of us who received the game at home a day before launch couldn’t believe our eyes. The shadows had saw teeth. The sound was not going well, and the game had so many bugs that looked half-baked, though the press didn’t lay on it as much as it would later on. cyber punk 2077a title that had the same hype and problems Similar launch.

b spec grand tourer 5

Fortunately, Polyphony quickly resolved the problems of the first versions of the game. She never got to meet the expectations, but it cannot be said that it was a bad game. had over a thousand cars, with impressive details and realism for the time. There was damage engine, official competitions of all kinds and even climatic effects.

Grand Touring 6 (2013)

grand touring 6.

Ending 2013, Polyphony repeated the play GT4and, coinciding with ethe end of life of PlayStation 3, they launched Grand Touring 6. For many, GT6 is what should have been Grand Touring 5. Come on, his predecessor was missing three years of development.

grand tourer 6 onboard alpine

This new delivery brought a few more cars, increased the number of manufacturers to 112 and included a total of 41 trackswith the possibility of running on 86 configurations different layout. Everything that could be improved was improved and, although by that time, the sim-racing was starting to shine on PC, Grand Touring 6 It did not do badly at all to be a title anchored to Sony’s desktop.

Grand Touring 7 (2022)

gt7 news

A total of 8 years have passed to see a new title in the main line of the saga. Originally GT7 It was going to arrive exclusively for PlayStation 5leaving PS4 as the only Sony console that had to settle for a Grand Touring Sport. However, the game will come to PlayStation 4 to satisfy the base of more than 100 million players who own the console – and who cannot buy the PS5 due to the low level of stock due to speculation that affects the market of the consoles.

workshop modification gt7 gran turismo 7

Gran Turismo and the Forza saga, from Turn 10 Studios and Playground Games, have fed each other since 2005. Car game lovers would like to be able to enjoy both on a single console, but the truth is that the title rivalry It has ended up benefiting us. Just as Forza was inspired by Gran Turismo, now Grand Touring as well borrows some of Forza’s successful formulasspecifically, from its Horizon line, such as the mechanics of the car festival.

Grand Touring 7 It is the most ambitious title of the entire saga. An innovative game that promises to get back to the top, also contributing its grain of sand to a automotive culture which, in Yamauchi’s words, is being lost globally.

Other Gran Turismo games

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue (2008)

gt5 prologue

To calm the beasts, Polyphony Digital released this middle title as a prelude to Grand Touring 5. It came out for PlayStation 3. It had 73 cars and a total of 6 circuits. It was also the first Gran Turismo that had the possibility of play online: Up to 16 users could compete in a single circuit.

The video game had a much more affordable price than other games for PS3. It was also sold in packs with the console. Despite being a totally secondary and expendable game, it managed to sell 5.33 million copies.

Grand Touring Portable (2009)

Gran Turismo Portable

Gran Turismo cars go fast, but the developments of titles by Poliphony go very slowly. Gran Turismo Portable was announced as Gran Turismo 4 Mobile at E3 in May 2004. The same in which the PSP was presented. The game Finally It came out in 2009, coinciding with the release of PSP Go.

After so many years of development, players complained about not have career mode or feel like a cut-down version of Grand Touring 4. As well it was more arcadealthough it cannot be considered a bad game either.

Grand Touring Sport (2017)

Grand Touring Sport

According to Yamauchi, Gran Turismo Sport is a new stage within the development of your franchise. It is a very complete game, which ranges from the simulation purest to the ground of Arcadian.

grand touring sport competition

This line started in 2017 partly inherits the spirit of GT Academy, a program by Nissan, Sony and Gran Turismo to hunt down young talent and bring them to the real asphalt. The platform closed in 2016, but Sony and Polyphony’s plans went even further. The Sports mode from Grand Touring Sportwhich is the online multiplayer of the title, has a FIA certificate (the International Automobile Federation). The best players can participate in two annual championships organized by the FIA. Attendees receive prizes and points from the organization as if they were participating in any real-world division of the competition.

gt6 fia wec

On the other hand, the game has its own Driving school. With it you can learn to drive on circuits. And if you get tired and want to enjoy something less realistic, its arcade mode It allows you to play split screen, drift, customize any type of race or even play in VR mode with PlayStation virtual reality glasses.

Grand Touring Sport

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