A study assures that it is better to invest in LEGO than in gold

If you follow the world of finance a little closely, you will have noticed that today almost anything is speculated. Now that we have normalized the price of Bitcoin and are beginning to tolerate NFTs, a study carried out by the Russian Higher School of Economics suggests investing in lego collections it is more profitable in the long run than even putting our money in gold.

A study invites you to speculate with your children’s toys

lego gold miner

Many investors dedicate their lives to finding strange markets where you can speculate getting big profits. This is probably what encouraged the economists of the HSE University in Russia, who have published a study in which they have determined that some sets already retired from LEGO They see their price increased up to 11% each year. Therefore, we would not be talking only about an investment more profitable than gold, it would also be more interesting than putting our money in the index S&P 500, which has an average annual profitability of approximately 8%, with data that has been collected since 1927.

According to one of the authors of the study, the professor Victoria Dobrynskaya, We tend to think that we can only invest in jewelry, antiques or pieces of art, but according to this expert, the market for second hand toys It can be a very lucrative field if we know how to move in it. A world completely unknown to longtime investors.

In the study, Dobrynskaya and his colleagues analyzed the prices of more than 2,322 LEGO sets launched on the market between the years 1987 and 2015. They found that limited-production runs, special collector’s versions, and FOMO phenomenon They were the perfect recipe to see toys in the second-hand market over the years with very high prices compared to the original sale price. It should be noted that this only applies to unopened toy boxes, as is usual in these cases.

What products are we talking about?

Lego star wars

The most coveted sets from LEGO are the Millennium Falcon, The Death Star from Return of the Jedi, the Imperial Destroyer, also from Star wars and the Taj Mahal. They also ensure that limited runs of Barbie dolls, cars and trains also follow the same progression in the second-hand market.

No, we are not giving you financial advice

However, we find it quite bold to say that LEGO sets are more lucrative than gold. Obviously, the precious metal is infinitely more liquid than any toy they put in front of us, no matter how unique the product is. Nor are we going to find a buyer or a seller with the same ease that we operate in a broker. And lastly, we should always be very cautious at the time of reading studies of this type. It would not be the first time that an “expert” has guaranteed that our unopened product is worth millions, hiding behind the facade a nice scam. Yes, Wata Games, it’s for you.

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