A TKL mechanical keyboard with numpad? This is the Newskill Chronos

When we talk about keyboard formats, we generally do it in three different formats, which from largest to smallest are the traditional keyboard, the TKL like this Newskill Chronos that dispenses with the numeric pad only, and the so-called keyboards 60% that not only dispense with this numpad but also the cursors and function keys.

Newskill Chronos TKL, how can it have a number pad?

Newskill Chronos TKL
Type Mechanic
illumination RGB, 18 modes
Connection type USB
Anti-ghosting Yes
N-Key Rollover Undefined
Multimedia control Yes (Fn key)
Compatible OS Windows
Switch Outemu
Operational style Linear (Red)
Tactile Feedback (Brown)
Clicky (Blue)
Operational force 40g
Actuation point 2 mm
Total distance 4 mm
Time of life 50 million keystrokes
Type of cable Braided with magnetic ring
Cable length 1.8 meters
Broad 359 mm
High 37.2 mm
Long 141 mm
Weight 850 g
PVPR € 59.95

One of the peculiarities of this Newskill Chronos TKL is that it comes from the factory with two sets of complete keycaps, one in black and the other in white, to allow the user to choose the aesthetics and design of the keyboard from the first moment. For example, you could replace the black keys that are installed as standard with the white ones in the WASD zone to make them easier to locate at first glance.

With switches Outemu In Red (linear), Brown (linear with tactile feedback) and Blue (tactile feedback and clicky sound) variants that have a durability of 50 million keystrokes, we are above all a mechanical keyboard that is made to last. In addition, its layout allows you to use all the commands and combinations of common use with total ease, which added to its technology anti ghosting makes it an ideal tool for gaming.

In addition, the Chronos TKL not only allows the customization of its design thanks to the interchangeable key caps, but also has RGB lighting in 18 different modes. The selection of colors and effects can be done easily using its software, which will also allow you to save settings, create macros and assign different actions to each individual key.

Newskill Chronos keyboard

Finally, we can explain to you how Newskill has managed to integrate the numeric pad into a TKL keyboard, and this is something that you may have already realized by looking at the image above: generally, TKL keyboards “cut” the numeric pad, leaving the cursors and the editing area (Insert, Del, Page Down, Page Up, Start and End as well as Print Screen, Scroll Lock and Pause) intact. What Newskill has done has been precisely to dispense with this area to integrate the numeric pad, leaving the Print Screen area at the top and assigning functions with a combination of the Fn key for the rest of the keys that are omitted. Mind you, this causes the keyboard to have a handful of additional 93 keys in total.

Price and availability

Newskill Chronos

The new Newskill Chronos TKL mechanical keyboard is now available for pre-order at the Newskill online store at a price of 59.95 euros; However, Newskill has applied a launch promotion in which you can save 10 Euros and buy the keyboard now for € 49.95, at least for the duration of the pre-purchase period that will end next Monday, January 17, 2022, at which time the one that will begin with the shipments of the orders.

Newskill has also confirmed that later we will be able to find the Chronos TKL also in the rest of the brand’s usual outlets, including PcComponentes and Amazon Spain.

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