a very stylish and very connected electric bike

E-bikes can look great. This is the credo of Urtopia, which is launching a very stylish first two-wheeler, and which is not lacking in technical advantages either.

The first thing that strikes with the Urtopia is of course its design. Inspired by the concept of the Möbius strip which stretches to infinity, it is very easy to spot the sporty shapes of the bike in the middle of the more traditional electric models. Its chassis is designed in carbon fiber, which allows it to reduce its weight as much as possible (14 kg).

Technology in every corner

The bike offers 5 speeds as well as 4 levels of assistance (comfort, economy and 2 sports modes). It incorporates a 250W motor, a removable battery that recharges in two and a half hours, a hydraulic braking system at the front and rear as well as light systems also at the front and rear.

But that’s not all. The Urtopia also includes a fingerprint reader for unlocking the vehicle (it is also possible to use the mobile application), a gyroscope which will alert the user when the bike falls, and even a radar which can detect the presence cars back!

Even more amazing, this vehicle also incorporates two noise-canceling microphones and a 3-watt speaker! This allows the bike to recognize the voice of the user, since an artificial intelligence has been developed to control the two wheels…

To leave with the Urtopia under your arm, you will have to go to Indiegogo where it is offered from €2,199. Deliveries will begin in March.

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