A video game doesn’t make you violent! New study could prove it

The controversy that revolves around the violence that may or may not be generating video game It is the order of the day, and it is that in previous weeks the subject became a trend in social networks. However, this dispute has been on the table for years, and although there is no accurate answer so far, new studies reinforce the belief that video games are just one more form of healthy entertainment, when consumed with measure.

On this occasion, a team of scientists from the University of London, presented today, November 5th, the results of an investigation that has been carried out with data from the United States. Specifically, according to reports from Hypertextual, researchers have focused their attention on analyzing whether violence has increased after premieres classified as violent in the country, concluding that there is no relationship whatsoever.

Since its inception, video game they have received constant criticism, especially those titles that have been classified as “inappropriate” due to their explicit content. However, every day there are more studies that reinforce the idea that violence in children and adolescents does not depend so much on a video game, but rather on other factors that surround the individual.

Other investigations

In 2019, scientists from the University of Ohio presented the results of a study involving 220 children, including 8 and 12 years old, a third of the participants played a video game of armed violence, the second group carried out the same activity with a similar title but with swords, while the last group enjoyed a video game without violence.

After completing 20 minutes of play, the children were taken to rooms full of all kinds of toys, including guns and swords, with which they were invited to play freely. The toy guns include a counter on their triggers to know exactly how many times it was used.

The study revealed a greater interest in weapons on the part of the children who played the first game, however they understood that they were toy weapons, which leaves the answer to the question of whether they would have done the same with a weapon adrift real? if they were told that it is not a game.

Another study from the same year, carried out in Germany, exposed young people and adults, between 18 and 45 years old, for two months to one of the most controversial games in history, Grand Theft Auto V known for its high level of explicit violence, sexual content, use of weapons and vulgar language.

In turn, a second group enjoyed The Sims 3, a game based on the recreation of a digital life in which the user is free to create their routines, equip their home, select their clothes, among many other decisions, being more of a critical thinking game, with zero level of violence.

Another third group did not play any type of video game during the same period of time. At the end, the three groups were evaluated to detect possible changes in their habits, routines or any unusual behavior that they may have had.

In the results, no differences were found between the three groups, so it was concluded that video games do not affect the behavior of the individual in any way.

Although for now, there is no final conclusion regarding the issue of how violence affects video games, do not rule out the benefits that also offer cognitively, motivational, emotional and social. Which can be helpful.

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