A VR escape game in the flames of Notre-Dame? Ubisoft did it

This new VR experience transports you directly into the cathedral as it is engulfed in flames.

If you think virtual reality is the future of video games, then you might be right. As the metaverse expands, those with a foothold in the world of VR are at a huge advantage. This is the case of Ubisoft, which is increasing its incursions into the environment, and which is back today with a new unusual project. Indeed, the studio is currently preparing an escape game in VR inside Notre-Dame de Paris.

Obviously, you won’t really be inside the cathedral, but you will be able to see inside thanks to virtual reality. But unlike the studio’s previous experience Notre Dame de Paris: Journey Back in Time, which had more vocation to make us visit the cathedral while staying at home, this new project is anchored in the will of entertain us while putting us in the heart of the action.

The release of an event film

This experience, called Notre Dame is burning, is reminiscent of the event film release by Jean-Jacques Annaud which bears the same name. More than a documentary, it is above all a question of reconstructing, and adding a dramatic side, to the disaster which affected Notre-Dame de Paris in 2019, and of showing the courage of the men and women who fought the flames. The latter will be released in theaters from March 16.

Since nothing is left to chance, the VR experience, in collaboration with Pathé, is celebrating the release of this film as it should be, and should therefore be available at the same time. Throughout the development of the project, Jean-Jacques Annaud worked hand in hand with Ubisoft, which had been able to demonstrate its love for the cathedral in the past, particularly in Assassin’s Creed Unity, where a replica of Notre-Dame already appeared.

A more than immersive escape game

As for the content of the experience, Ubisoft started on the basis of an escape game, mainly for lack of time to finalize the project. The studio explains: like any escape game, it’s all about puzzles and cooperation with your teammates. The idea is to fight your way through the cathedral to find relics and fight the fire, because you have to save Notre Dame [avant que le temps ne soit écoulé] “.

To be able to participate, you will have to go to dedicated spaces, available around the world. Details of addresses will be sent to us by Ubisoft before the film is released. For the moment, the studio has not mentioned how long the experience will be accessible.

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