Abandoned PS5 app is ready and leaves a “patched” hint

Who is the person in the patch?


If you pay attention to the image that Blue Blox has uploaded to Twitter, you can see how in the background of it appears the blurred image of a person, who seems to be wearing an eye patch. Considering that we don’t know anything about Abandoned at the moment, the person with the patch tells us rather little, but the fans are convinced that it must mean something. But what? It starts with Hideo and ends with Kojima.

A twist you didn’t expect

If until now all the rumors and theories pointed to that Abandoned is actually the new Silent Hill, fans have quickly changed their minds after seeing the image of the patch, since a large number of faithful believers suggest that the image has some type of relationship with …Metal gear!

That’s how it is. In case we weren’t enough with the ideas and comings around the supposed relationship with Silent Hill, now it seems that a good number of users are fully convinced that the game will have something to do with Metal Gear, for the simple fact of hiding a character with an eye patch

Previous deliveries of Metal Gear have left characters with eye patches such as Solidus Snake and Old Snake, the former being the option that would fit the most, since some suggest that we would be talking about the remastering of Metal Gear Solid Y Metal Gear Solid 2.

Nothing makes sense anymore


But leaving us with unsubstantiated theories, we must remember that Blue Blox claimed to have no relationship with Konami or Kojima (they keep this message anchored in their Twitter account), so any assumption would be completely annulled. At this point we no longer know what to believe, although one thing we are sure of is that this entire campaign formed around a game about which nothing is known is beginning to tire more than necessary, and that we love theories.

See this post on Instagram

A post shared by norman reedus (@bigbaldhead)

To all this we must add the latest publication of Norman Reedus on Instagram. Recall that the actor was in charge of giving life to the main character of the canceled Silent Hills (formerly PT), and after playing Sam Porter in Death stranding, any kind of statement is looked at with a magnifying glass considering his current relationship with Kojima. Well, in his instagram account you can see a peculiar video in which he appears himself dancing with Robbie the Rabbit, the famous rabbit that appears in the Silent Hill saga. Does anyone understand anything right now?

When will the secret be revealed?


The Abandoned trailer app will be available for download on July 29, but the broadcast will not start until next August 10, at which point the application will start broadcasting and we will see live what is behind this whole story.

The application will offer a teaser and a real-time experience, something that continues to maintain a mysterious aura and of which we are looking forward to knowing all the details.

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