Abandoned teaser arrives today and this is all we think we know

When is the teaser for Abandoned released?


The Abandoned Real-Time Experience app will be updated to unlock the live demo Today August 10 at 9:00 p.m. in Spain. That will be the moment in which the PS5 will be in charge of generating the graphics in real time of what will be the presentation trailer of the game, a gigantic marketing maneuver in which a small development studio called Blue Box Studios is hidden.

The official Twitter account of the study itself has confirmed the time of the update of the App, and Hasan Kahraman himself (founder of the study) has not hesitated to encourage users to be attentive to the time and update the application immediately .

It is also important to remember that Blue Box itself spoke of the application as a platform on which to launch new experiences over time, so that today we may only see one of the many others that will be presented in the coming months. According to the information, the experiences will last between 5 and 12 minutes, so we will see how long the one they offer us today will be.

Is it Silent Hills?


The eternal question will finally be answered today. Or so we think. And is that after lengthening the launch of the experience and playing with users to be distracted through social networks, today Abandoned should clear its intentions once and for all.

The hundreds of theories that have appeared around the game and the alleged relationship with Kojima have not only made fans dizzy, but also the study, since, in the words of its creator, the confusion generated has affected the development of the game a lot. But haven’t they themselves fanned the fire with enigmatic messages and images?

What do we think we know


Officially the only thing that is known is that the indie studio Blue Box Studios has prepared a triple AAA category game backed by PlayStation. The game will be unveiled today with an application that will generate the graphics in real time so that the player is able to check the graphic quality of the game. A gigantic display that has little to do with that of an indie studio with no previous experience.

On the other hand, the theories created by the most fanatics suggest that we are actually facing Silent Hills, Hideo Kojima’s version of the mythical survival horror that was canceled by Konami after releasing a first playable teaser called PT

Details such as Kojima having followed Konami on Twitter again, or that Blue box itself ensured that the final name of the game began with S and ended with L, irremediably pointed to Konami’s game, but Blue Box has repeatedly denied that they have nothing to do with it. Is it true?

In a few hours we will get rid of doubts, so if you have a PS5, do not delay in updating the application immediately to be able to enjoy the supposed experience live.

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