Access any website with the I’m going to be lucky in Chrome function

For which this function can be useful for many users. That is why it is interesting for them the possibility of adding the “I’m going to get lucky” function integrated into the Chrome address bar. In this way we can carry out any search, always appearing the first page located in the Google search section.

What is the Google «I’m going to be lucky» function

“I’m going to be lucky” is a function that incorporates the Google search engine and that appears on its main page below the search bar and right next to the “Search in Google” button. Your mission is very simple, and it is take us to the first search result of the keyword that we put. This can be useful if we put a keyword that can take us directly to the expected search. For example, if we put Softzone in the search box and click on I’m going to be lucky, it will take us directly to our website, so we save ourselves from having to type the full address in the browser or prevent Google from showing us other pages. Everything is done with a simple click.

In the event that we click on the “I’m going to be lucky” button without having typed anything in the search bar, in that case the button takes us to the “doodles” page. The “doodles” is an extension of his website where he tells us about the changes to the Google logo that are made to commemorate holidays, anniversaries and the lives of famous artists, scientific pioneers. It is usually based on the day we are in and it also shows us information from the previous days.

google doodles

“I’m going to be lucky” and “Search with Google”: Differences

As we said before, the “I’m going to be lucky” button is located just below the search bar and to the right of the “Search with Google” button, as long as we enter the Google website directly. These two buttons are completely different search options.

While the “I’m going to be lucky” button will take us directly to the first result of the keyword in our search, the Google Search button will allow us to perform a traditional search. That is, a search with all its related results, pages, titles, meta descriptions, etc.

This way, the first option gets straight to the point, going to the preferred page and skipping the intermediate step. Meanwhile, with the second option we obtain a greater number of results to our search that may be of interest to us.

Add “I’m going to be lucky” to Chrome

If we want to add the “I’m going to be lucky” function to the Chrome search bar to always access the first option of the search result, we can do it easily by following these steps.

The first thing is to open Google Chrome and click on the menu icon with the three dots that we find in the upper right corner. This will open a drop-down menu where we will select the “Configuration” section.

Google Chrome Settings

Next, a new page will open where we will see all the content of the «Settings» menu. Now, in the left column, click on the «Search» button. On the right side we will see the section “Default search engines” where we must click on the “Add” button.

Add default search engines

Later a new window will appear called Add search engine. Here we must write the name of the search engine (I’m going to be lucky) and the keyword to launch it (for example, vts although we can put the one we want). Finally, in the section on URL with% s instead of the query, we will paste the following text and click on Add:

Add search button

Once this is done we will have added the search engine “I’m going to be lucky” within the default search engines. From now on, to be able to access it, it will only be necessary to write the keyword that we assign to it (vts) in the address bar and press the space bar.

Write vts address bar

This will cause “I’m going to be lucky” to appear in the address bar based on the search engine we created earlier. Now we only have to enter our query and press “Enter” so that we are directed directly to the first ranked site chosen by Google for our query.

I'll be lucky Softzone

Extensions as alternatives to “I’m going to be lucky”

If the inclusion of the button “I’m going to be lucky” in the Google search bar does not convince us, we can alternatively install some extensions for Chrome that will do the same job.

I’m Feeling Lucky – Skip search

This extension for Chrome performs the same function as “I’m going to get lucky from Google.” Once installed, just type “go” in the address bar and press the space bar, this will activate it and we only have to write the query we want to carry out. Once we press «Enter», the most relevant result will appear directly. We can also choose to right-click to search for the selected text with “I’m Feeling Lucky.” Instead of taking us to the search results page, it will take us to the best result. It has deep integration with Google search to provide us with the best results. It should be noted that this extension does not collect or store our search queries, since they all go directly through the Google search engine.


I’m feeling lucky

With a name very similar to the previous one, we find another extension that will allow us to obtain the function of I’m going to be lucky in Chrome. We can use the “I’m Feeling Lucky” function directly from the multifunction box. To do this, it will only be necessary to put a backslash and press the «Tab» key. Then we write the search to carry out and press «Enter». The page corresponding to the first Google search result will appear. It is also possible to highlight the text of the page we want to find, right-click and select “I’m Feeling Lucky” to access the desired page.


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