Access to subsidies for SMEs and the self-employed, easier with Fandit and DAS Seguros

The access to public aid and subsidies It is essential for SMEs and the self-employed. Sometimes, it is one of the main concerns they have as well as the lack of information. This is one of the conclusions of the market study carried out by DAS Seguros, in which more than 120 small and medium-sized companies have participated, as well as freelancers.

In order to cover this latent need and provide an added value service to its new product focused on the SME segment, DAS Abogado de Negocios, the insurer has signed a collaboration agreement with Fandit, a technology-based company that facilitates access to everything type of grants. It is, therefore, the the only insurance with a service of this type currently on the market.

“Our commitment resides in the continuous search for solutions that meet the real needs of customers, and agreements such as the one we have signed with Fandit allow us to introduce value-added services to our products”, says Adolfo Masagué, commercial director of DAS Seguros

Every year in Spain there are convened on average about 18,000 grants whose volume amounts to 30,000 million euros, a figure that is expected to double in the medium term with the approval of the European recovery fund. However, it is estimated that between 1,000 and 3,000 million euros of these grants will remain vacant and will not obtain any recipient.

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“Public administrations often have difficulties in getting the information of their programs globally to the entire target audience. To this must be added that SMEs and the self-employed do not usually have the capacity or the necessary sources to access all the information about the aid they can choose according to their type. Fandit was born to cover the distance between one and the other “, says Pedro Robles, CEO of Fandit.

Public financing offer

By hiring DAS Abogado de Negocios, users will have access to the Fandit platform, the only one in Spain capable of bringing together all the public financing offer resulting from a daily and automatic feeding process that allows filtering, classifying and enriching thanks to logics and algorithms.

This platform will allow DAS Seguros clients to overcome the barriers of lack of information, find and learn about the aids that interest them the most. In addition, through their client area, they will be able to access all the information related to the aid, create search alerts, save favorites, define date alerts and send their questions to experts through the platform itself. Fandit also offers a post-grant assistance service.

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