Accessories for iPhone that you should not miss this summer

Pool, beach, mountain … It doesn’t matter what you are going to do this summer, since your iPhone can accompany you. Of course, it is likely that wearing it may entail certain risks in terms of your physical integrity, just as we believe that some accessories could come in handy to squeeze its functionalities. Here we tell you which are the most interesting accessories for your iPhone this summer and which are the best price.

Avoid bumps or damage due to water

If you choose to go hiking or any other activity related to moving through not very stable terrain, you should bear in mind that your iPhone will need extra protection. This is where the more robust and resistant covers, which must guarantee that your device must be well protected against possible bumps and falls accidental. There are many brands of very good quality, although if you are looking for an option that is economical and does not lose quality, those of the Lanhiem brand can be an excellent option because they offer protection both on the back, as well as on the sides and screen.

And although those covers discussed above can reach protect from water, the truth is that it could be worth you with a much more affordable solution if this summer you have a getaway planned to the beach, swamps, rivers or pools or any other place with protagonist water. You probably already know the classics well enough universal covers With which to store any mobile device safely, preventing water from entering its interior. The one we recommend is worth only 7 euros and it isolates the devices very well thanks to its secure closure.

summer accessory iphone 2

That music is not lacking in any case

Music is part of our life and there is no doubt that there are songs that mark us and summer is usually one of the times when this happens the most. For this reason, giving up going with music should not be an option. You can meet with waterproof speakers and headphones for really interesting prices. Below we propose two speaker options, one more measured in price and quality along with another with more power (depending on what situations you want them for). On the other hand, headphones that, without being the best in sound quality, offer resistance to water and will allow you to take the music with you on your walks on the beach.

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Immortalize your vacation with these accessories

Wherever you are, it is certain that there will be some time to photograph. Whether it is a beautiful picture of a sunset, the power of some mountains or a photo with friends or family where you can not miss any. In an extensive article we already told you which are the best accessories for taking photos with the iPhone, although now we collect the two that we believe may be more useful to you at this time: a tripod compact and cheap to take photos on not very stable terrain, a selfie stick with which to fit all in the photos and finally a stabilizer to create great professional videos with which to remember your vacation forever.

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