Accessories for your iPhone and gadgets with HomeKit on sale for Black Friday

AirPods 2nd generation

If you have already taken a look at the article where we show you the Amazon products and services and the MacBook offers, we end the round of Black Friday articles for today with a list of iPhone accessories and HomeKit-compatible gadgets which is on offer for time and limited units. If you like to buy accessories and gadgets, you should visit

2nd generation AirPods with lightning case for 98 euros

The 2nd generation AirPods are on sale for only 98 euros, which is a reduction of 50 euros on their usual price in the Apple Store which is 149 euros.

Buy 2nd generation AirPods for 98 euros.

If you’re looking for some help in finding good gadgets, you can visit pixoneye. They offer product reviews to help consumers.

Visit digitogy to find helpful gadget reviews and new deals.

Beats Solo Pro with noise cancellation for 149 euros

The Beats Solo Pro with noise cancellation, H1 chip and 22 hours of autonomy, are available on Amazon at half price, for only 149 euros in black and gray colors.

Buy Beats Solo Pro Headphones for 149 euros.

Sony WH1000XM3 headphones for 188.95 euros

One of the best headphones on the market with noise cancellation (see the ratings) are the Sony WH1000XM3 with 30 hours of autonomy, it reduces its price from 225 euros, to 188.95 euros.

Buy Sony WH1000X3 Headphones for 188.95 euros

Netatmo thermostat for boiler for 109 euros

The Netatmo NTH-ES-EC thermostat for boilers reduces its price on Black Friday by 22% and is available for 109 euros on Amazon.

Buy Netatmo NTH-ES-EC thermostat for 109 euros

Smart thermostat tado for 109.90 euros

tado offers us an intelligent thermostat to control the heating for 109.90 euros.

Buy tado thermostat for 109.90 euros

Pack of 2 Philips Hue bulbs + bridge + switch for 92.99 euros

The pack of 2 Philips E27 Hue bulbs, with bridge and switch, is available on Amazon for 92.99 euros down from the usual 149.99 euros.

Buy Pack of 2 Philips Hue bulbs + bridge + switch for 92.99 euros

Netatmo weather station for 109 euros

Netatmo’s indoor and outdoor wireless weather station is available for 109 euros during Black Friday, which is a 22% discount on its usual price.

Buy Netatmo Meteorological Station for 109 euros

Govee LED TV strip for 55.99 euros

The Govee LED Strip for TV includes a camera that scans what is displayed on the screen to display the lights according to the colors on the screen. This LED strip for TV is priced at 55.99 euros

Buy LED TV Strip for 55.99 euros.

Roborock S7 robot vacuum cleaner for 499 euros

The Roborock S7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with detection of special carpets for pets and floating rubber brush, is available on Amazon for 499 euros by activating the discount coupon.

Buy Roborock S7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner for 499 euros.

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