According to Apple, PlayStation Now could have been available on mobiles

New rumors are circulating that Sony could have released its PlayStation Now on mobile, and that Apple has known for a long time.

The lawsuit which still currently opposes the giant of the mobile industry, Apple, to one of the pillars of the gaming sphere, Epic Games, is a mine of invaluable information. Since it started, we have discovered a lot of things about how this industry works, about the issues for each builder and about certain projects. Today the media The verge said to have got his hands on a very special document, which attests to an interesting project on the part of Sony, but nipped in the bud a while ago.

According to the media, this is a document related to the Apple Arcade service and the reasons for its existence today. In 2017, the firm would then have learned that Sony plans to release its PlayStation Now service on mobiles, allowing the manufacturer to share its PS3 and PS4 games with players on iOS and Android. Following this observation, Apple would then have decided to launch its own service, although it is radically different from what Sony would have offered.

Indeed, Apple Arcade does not allow players to play titles via streaming, unlike what Sony offers on consoles, but also Microsoft on all media (mobile, PC and consoles) thanks to its Xbox Cloud Gaming. In the document, nothing comes to explain why Sony has given up on its project, which could have put PlayStation Now in direct competition with Microsoft’s service.

A service that struggles to stand out

Instead, the service has remained as it is, and now suffers from a huge lack of interest from players. As a reminder, PlayStation Now is a subscription service offered by Sony that gives you access to hundreds of games that can be streamed or downloaded. The catalog is updated every month and offers both AAA and independent games. The subscription is available for € 9.99 per month, € 24.99 per quarter or € 59.99 per year.

On the services market, it remains the least interesting and the least profitable for players, especially in view of the titles added to the catalog. On PlayStation, gamers tend to prefer PlayStation Plus, a subscription that not only gives you the ability to play online, but also access to three, often interesting, games per month that are permanently accessible.

There is therefore no picture, Microsoft is by far the manufacturer that offers the best service in relation to video games. With the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, you have access to the entire catalog on all media, and the vast majority of them via cloud gaming. To counter the latter, Sony plans to improve its current PlayStation Now by the start of next year, but no mobile access is planned at this time.

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