According to Bloomberg: Apple adds another month of telecommuting to its employees

In this case, the relationship between Apple and the workers is being quite tense to the point that a few days ago some of them refused to go back to the office to quit teleworking. Finally, it seems that the company will loosen the pressure and could add another month of telecommuting for those employees who do not want to return to the offices for fear of COVID-19.

In the Bloomberg report there is talk of a hybrid work program in which its employees will be able to postpone a merely face-to-face work in the offices for another month. It seems that finally worker pressure got results.

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Apple adds another month of telecommuting to its employees

With this measure, Apple is one of the companies that is delaying the return to the offices of its employees while the cases of COVID-19 continue to increase in many countries. It seems that finally everything came together for these employees and finally Apple will give in in this fight although Complicated months are coming since the launch of the iPhone, the possible 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro, the Apple Watch Series 7 …

We’ll see what all this ends up with but finally it seems that the hybrid teleworking system will be the one that Apple will end up providing for these employees who do not want to attend the Apple Park offices in person for fear of catching COVID-19. The soap opera does not stop and we will see how all this ends this month more offered by Apple for teleworking.

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