According to Gartner, the global shortage of chips will last until the end of 2022

Chip shortages could drive prices higher

Semiconductor shortages will severely disrupt the supply chain and limit the production of many types of electronic equipment in 2021. Factories are driving up prices, and chip companies are driving up device prices in turn. So at least he says he said Kanishka Chauhan, Principal Research Analyst at Gartner, global consulting.

The chip shortage started mostly with gadgets, like power management. The shortage has now spread to other devices, and there are capacity constraints and raw material shortages. In most categories, device shortages are expected to be delayed until the second quarter of 2022, while restrictions on some essential materials for manufacturing could be extended potentially until the fourth quarter of 2022.

Gartner analysts recommend take four steps to mitigate the looming disaster:

  • Extend the visibility of Supply Chain.
  • Guarantee supply with a complementary model
  • Monitoring of indicators
  • Diversify the supplier base

Since the current shortage of chips is a dynamic situation, it is essential to understand how it changes continuously. Tracking leading indicators and revenue growth projections for the semiconductor industry are proactive indicators that can help companies organizations to stay updated on the subject and see how the industry is growing in general.

Basically what is meant in the statement of this global audit is that the companies they must get to work now so that the industry does not sink. It does not seem that it is an easy solution, but of course measures must be taken so that it does not reach a shortage. A pandemic may not be able to with Apple but this can do a lot, a lot of damage.

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