According to Kuo, MacBook shipments will grow thanks to the miniLED

Many are the rumors that we constantly hear due to fault or thanks to miniLED technology. Apple has already implemented it in the iPad Pro but all users and analysts hope that this technology will become the protagonist in the following MacBook. That is why Kuo warns that if so, the shipments of the computers will grow significantly, although there is still for it.

Kuo says that Apple is focused on miniLEd technology, however the strategy is more medium-term than immediate. According to the analyst, Apple’s plan could be divided into five phases, which includes the period from 2019 to 2026. Right now the American company is focused on diversifying supply risk and reducing the cost of miniLED technology. The company “is actively seeking second key Mini LED component suppliers.”

For next year, 2022 but maybe for this year as well, Apple is expected to incorporate this technology into MacBook. In this way, shipments of computers will grow around 20% per year. “However, we expect MacBook shipments to grow significantly by 20% year-on-year, or more in 2021 and 2022. Due to the adoption of Mini LED panels, Apple Silicon and completely new designs. »

Kuo reiterates that new MacBooks are expected to feature a miniLED panel, a new model from Apple Silicon, likely the M1X for MacBook Pro and M2 for MacBook Air in 2022, as well as completely new designs. Apple will ditch the TouchBar in the next version of the MacBook Pro, add a new MagSafe connector, and bring back some ports, such as HDMI and SD card slots.

We can only wait and in fact we will not have to do it for too long since we are at the gates of September, a month where many novelties can be forthcoming, although some do not see it clear that the new computers are already presented.

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