According to Kuo, the MacBook Air with a 13-inch Mini-LED screen will be in mid-2022

Many are the rumors that are happening throughout the days in relation to the new MacBook that Apple may present later this year. Now the great analyst Kuo has claimed that the next generation MacBook Air will be presented in mid-2022 with a 13.3-inch Mini-LED screen.

Kuo had already said in another investor note that Apple was working on a redesigned new MacBook Air for 2022, but did not specify the timetable. Now Kuo claims that this rumored laptop will be officially unveiled sometime in mid-2022, which could indicate an April launch like the 2021 iMac or even WWDC in June. The analyst also reiterates his earlier note about the Mini-LED display coming to the next-gen MacBook Air, but this time Kuo said it will feature a 13.3-inch screen.

This suggests that despite the new technology, the screen will remain the same size as the current generation. Apple is rumored to adopt a 14-inch display for the new MacBook Pro, but it looks like the company will keep it for your more expensive laptops.

The new MacBook Air too will feature an updated Apple Silicon chip. Earlier this month, a leak revealed that the new MacBook Air will be the first Mac with an M2 chip, while the Pro to be introduced later this year will come with the M1X, an improved version of the M1 with better graphics.

We only need to know if these new models will be launched with the options of different colors like the iMac that was launched on the market a few months ago. We will have to wait Let’s see if these rumors are confirmed, there is not much left for us to know something firmly, at least for this year.

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