According to Kuo, the Virtual Reality glasses will use the same charger as the 14 ″ MacBook Pro

AR glasses

We continue with the rumors about the probable launch this year of a virtual reality glasses by Apple. These glasses of which some rumors have already been released of how they could be, now it is said that they could use the same charger that is used with the MacBook Pro. The same 96W charger.

Ming-Chi Kuo continues to release information and / or rumors about what Apple’s future virtual reality glasses will look like. It is expected to present a combination of augmented reality and virtual reality features. It is also expected that the user puts on the device and can interact with it through ultra-high resolution OLED displays. With them on, virtual environments around us could be rendered.

All this technology makes the battery have a special meaning and take on a lot of importance. Taking into account the expense that it must generate, it is essential that they can be charged quickly and that the battery can also last as long as possible. The second is the most difficult to solve since the more battery, the more weight in the glasses And that means we couldn’t have the same sets for long. As for the charging system, it’s what Kuo is focusing on right now.

The analyst says that virtual reality glasses they will use the same charger as the 14-inch MacBook Pro. That is, a 96 watt charger. It may not be the only similarity to the Mac. It is likely that they also have the M1 chip although it is also rumored that it can use a much faster Neural Engine in order to analyze images faster than after all. it will be its main purpose.

We will have to wait a long time And if the rumors come true, it will be at the end of this year when we can see Tim Cook presenting one more thing.

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