Acer confirms that it suffered a huge hack, 160 GB of confidential data in the wild

Acer confirms that it was the victim of a large-scale hack in February. The hacker managed to get his hands on no less than 160 GB of sensitive data, which he is now trying to sell to the highest bidder. The manufacturer claims that no customer is impacted by this information leak.

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The dark streak continues for Acer. After being the target of the REvil ransomware in March 2021 which led to a ransom demand of 50 million dollars, then the leak of 60 GB of confidential customer data in October of the same year, the manufacturer was again the victim of a massive hack.

The operation took place last February and targeted a server used by the company’s technicians. Thanks to a flaw discovered in the system, they were able to get their hands on a total of 160 GB of sensitive documents. Today, the person or persons behind this exploit are trying to resell the jackpot on a hacker forum.

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Acer says its customers are not affected by its latest hack

It was the publication of this announcement that prompted Acer to confess. “We recently detected unauthorized access to one of our repair technician document servers”says the company to Bleeping Computer. “The investigation is continuing, but there is no indication at this time that any consumer data has been stored on this server. »

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Good news for Acer device users, who therefore do not have to worry about this umpteenth attack. But for the manufacturer, the situation is delicate. Indeed, the hacker behind the attack claims to be in possession of numerous technical documents, software, details of certain phones, tablets and other laptops, or even BIOS images and ROM and ISO files. In short, enough to embarrass the company if this information ends up in the wrong hands.

For now, the offer does not seem to have found a taker.

Source : Bleeping Computer

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