Acer previews all-new RTX 3070 Ti graphics and Alder Lake H CPUs for notebooks

A novel RTX 3070 Ti graphics card for laptops has been listed by a French retailer as a component of the new generation of Acer Nitro gaming laptops that will also debut the processors Intel Alder Lake H series. has put three Acer Nitro notebooks on sale in the reserve phase. They have not been officially released yet, but they are a good sample of what is to come once Intel officially announces the laptop variants of the Alder Lake platform. Something that is expected to be done at the opening conference of the next great global technology fair, CES 2022 to be held at the beginning of the year in Las Vegas.

RTX 3070 Ti for Laptops and Alder Lake H

The most interesting of the three announced notebooks is the Acer Nitro AN515-58, as it includes a dedicated graphic Unreleased RTX 3070 Ti for Laptopsas it has not been announced by NVIDIA. Its specifications are not known, but based on previous strategies of the green giant with this special series «Ti» or the «SUPER» we can expect the use of a reduced GA104 graphics core with fewer CuDA cores than the RTX 3080 (6144) and more than the RTX 3070 (5120). You should retain the GDDR6 memory configuration with 8 Gbytes dedicated and a 256-bit interface.

The rest of the main configuration is completed with a processor also of premiere, a Core i7-12700H with 14 cores adding high performance and efficient ones dedicated to basic tasks to save energy. The 15.6-inch screen has a resolution of 1440p and a refresh rate of 165Hz. It starts with 8 GB of DDR4-3200 memory and a 512 Gbyte PCIe SSD (both expandable) and pre-installs Windows 11. It is priced at 1,530 euros, high compared to the current average although they are still unconfirmed retail prices.

Slightly cheaper are the other two models announced with IPS screens of 15 and 17 inches, respectively, FHD resolution, refresh rates of up to 165/144 Hz and the same memory and storage configuration as the previous one. Its processor is also new, a Core i5-12500H with 12 cores and capacity for 16 threads, while the dedicated graphics is an RTX 3050 Ti, a model that NVIDIA launched a few months ago and that we have already seen in some models. The price of these laptops starts at 994 euros, the cost where gaming laptops usually start.

These laptops, and a good number from all manufacturers, are expected to be announced once Intel launches the 12th generation of Alder Lake processors for laptops in less than a month at CES.

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