Acer revolutionizes the way of working with offices in the cloud

The company is committed to a work model that replaces traditional offices with digital environments hosted in the cloud, which employees can access from anywhere in the world through state-of-the-art devices. A proposal from Acer that takes teleworking to the next level.

Although many companies are returning to face-to-face services after opting for teleworking during the pandemic, many others have decided to turn to hybrid models to continue a work model that works. In fact, the consulting firm Omdia interviewed 400 companies to analyze their perception of the productivity of their ‘teleworkers’. 68% of them valued it positively. Another study, however, put a 20% loss in productivity for remote workers, despite working 30% more. The reason, in his case, lay in the continuous meetings that employees had to hold with their superiors to define their tasks from a distance.

These initial difficulties in organizing remotely, sometimes related to technical difficulties, have been overcome thanks to proposals such as the Acer’s DaaS (Device as a Service) model. It is a solution that allows employees to be equipped with state-of-the-art devices that do not need to be purchased, since they are rented as part of a package that includes cybersecurity services, updates and tools for remote work.

The novelty is that it is no longer necessary to purchase proprietary computers and install them in the office, but rather each employee equips himself with devices that Acer provides ready to work from anywhere in the world. And also, with all the security, connectivity and efficiency guarantees thanks to the use of the most popular cloud solutions, such as those from Microsoft, Amazon or Google, depending on the option chosen by each company.

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Workers connected just like in the office, despite the distance

In reality, companies that turn to Acer DaaS are building a new work model where the office is located in the cloud and each employee’s office or desk is their access device. This is where the difficulties are overcome, since all workers participate in the same environment, keeping communication and collaboration channels open that those most critical of teleworking say are lost with remote models.

In parallel, and to further facilitate the fit of this new labor model in companies of any size, Acer accompanies you with the Smart Financing Program, which allows financing the renewal of equipment without interest, reconciling technological investments and budget limitations, reducing TCO, optimizing cash flow rates and accounting reports, maintaining investment capacity, simplifying adhesion contracts and renewing equipment regularly and responsibly. That, in a world in which the new generations are committed to radically reconciling and do not accept that work robs them of years of personal life, is a guarantee of retaining the priceless talent that is to come, as long as companies are willing to accept that the pandemic has forever changed the rules of the game.

What are virtual offices

In 2018, six out of ten Spanish workers used a computer, according to the National Statistics Institute (INE). This means that, almost certainly, these employees do not need a specific geographical location, since they only require an Internet connection and a computer to work from anywhere in the world.

In fact, the same survey estimated in half the percentage of workers who used a computer with access to the network of networks. This is what the promoters of virtual offices like the one proposed by Acer cling to: they have migrated all their company systems to the cloud, so that workers simply need to connect to that private network to access the office. No matter where or when: the virtual office is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And it is accessible from any device with an Internet connection, which, if it is also supervised by technology companies such as Acer, will guarantee efficiency, security and business continuity, regardless of the chosen work model. Welcome to the new era of work.

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