ACM-G12, this is the name of the third chip for the Intel ARC Alchemist

Well, little by little the existence of this third ARC Alchemist graphics card is being confirmed. Named ACM-G12. Which is expected to be between the NVIDIA RTX 3050 and RTX 3060 in performance once it is launched on the market. Facing to face AMD in terms of performance, its rival is the RX 6600 XT. We’ll see how the third ARC Alchemist unfolds.

The number of different names by which Intel graphics cards for gaming have been known is the least enormous. We have seen them baptized as DG2, Xe-HPG and in their commercial launch as ARC Alchemist, but within this family there are different chips in terms of size. Which we knew until not long ago as SOC1, SOC2 and SOC3. Well, just a week ago SOC1 was renamed ACM-G10 and SOC2 AMC-G11. As you can see in the slide below these lines.

The nomenclature of names by Intel for its graphics adds more confusion to the already known tangle of names. The problem comes when between the two chips there is one with intermediate specifications, which is named ACM-G12. Which makes everything more confusing. It is as if the RTX 3060 was the graphics card with more power than the 3070 and, therefore, the one after the 3080 in performance. We wonder what has led Intel to not develop the ACM-G12 GPU together with the other two ARC Alchemist chips, since many of us would like to have it in our hands already.

Intel ACM-G12, the third ARC Alchemist GPU

Its existence is not a secret from the moment it was leaked through drivers such as SOC3, so it is a new GPU that will be in the mid-range. Your specifications? It is composed of 16 Xe Cores, which means 2048 ALUs in FP32 in total, doubling the specifications of the ARC 3. It is expected that be released as ARC 5 and have un 128-bit bus for laptops and 192 bit for desktop. So it technically doubles the performance of the ARC 3, apart from bringing 8 and 12 GB configurations respectively.

Intel ACM-G12 Drivers

The name of the graphics chip or GPU, as we have already revealed to you before, is ACM-G12. Which shows that it has been designed after the other two chips. Not in vain, all the promotional material from Intel and all the photographs of their ARC Alchemist so far did not show it at any time. So this third chip must be in a much less advanced development period.

Hence, apart from appearing in the slides, no product has been announced. Knowing the specifications of its two brothers, the rest of the specifications are easy to guess. For example, you are expected to have an 8 MB L2 cache. Regarding its PCI Express interface in its version for laptops, we do not know if it will be 8 or 16 lines, but what we do know is that it has 2 Xe Media Engines and 4 Xe Display Engines. Characteristics that it shares with the rest of the range. About its release date, at the moment we do not know.

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