acontra+, a new streaming platform that includes tickets to go to the movies

Despite the fact that we already have large streaming platforms such as Netflix or Disney +, new ones continue to appear trying to gain a foothold in this sector, which has turned out to be really fruitful. But of course, taking into account that others like Netflix have an advantage of several years, the new platforms must find a way to offer something different to the user so that he can become interested. this is how it comes against+, the first with a subscription plan that includes tickets to go to the movies.

Acontra+, this is the new on-demand content platform

Although it is evident from its namethis platform belongs to the distributor A Contracorriente Films, which is presented as “the new platform for the best European and international cinema”. Taking into account the three subscriptions offeringit is worth considering the change, because in two of these and without additional payment, you have a cinema ticket to be able to enjoy one of the titles of the distributor that is on the big screen at that moment.

Being a platform that has just arrived in a sector that already has a wide variety of options, they have launched an offer similar to the one that HBO Max had in its day in order to attract more users. And it is that if you subscribe now to any of its three plans, You will only have to pay 50% of the original price for as long as you are a customer.

Subscription plans in acontra+

acontra+ catalog

The first of the acontra+ subscription plans It has a price of 7.99 euros, and if you subscribe now, you can enjoy access to the entire platform for a cost of only 3.99 euros. Then you have a second plan, which offers a ticket to the cinema every month for a price of 4.99 euros if you subscribe now, instead of 9.99 euros. The last of the plans, which also includes a ticket for the cinema, is for a single payment of 49.99 euros for the whole yearso it would be like paying less than 4.20 euros per month, instead of its original price of 99.99 euros.

acontra+ is not a beginner in the sector, since until now, could be found as one more service in MitelePLUS, as it was a subscription channel on Amazon Prime. As for its catalogue, it is made up of the titles owned by A Contracorriente Films. These include all the films that have been released in physical format, as well as some that have not yet been released in high definition, such as The Name of the Rose and The Descent.

In addition to the three subscription plans offered by acontra+, It has an option through which you will be able to rent movies without the need for a subscription. Once you select a title, you will have 72 hours to enjoy it.

Finally, you should know that, as a subscriber, You will have the possibility to watch movies on four screens at the same time, and even watch it offline. Finally, if you are interested in trying this on-demand content platform, We invite you to go through this link.

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