Acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft: not all licenses will become Xbox exclusives

Since the announcement yesterday of the takeover of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft, players have been wondering if all the publisher’s licenses will now be released exclusively on Xbox. Without really providing a precise answer, Phil Spencer ensures that it is not the will of the Redmond firm to keep players away from the PlayStation.

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Impossible to miss, yesterday, THE big news of this beginning of the year. For the modest sum of 60 billion euros, Microsoft has paid Activision-Blizzard. From then on, most gamers resigned themselves to seeing the publisher’s next games become Xbox exclusives. The calculation is quick: after its takeover of Bethesda in 2020 (decidedly), the Redmond firm hastened to announce that Starfield, the studio’s next title, will not be released on PlayStation.

So what about Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2? From Diablo 4? And of all the games that will follow? If there is reason to tremble on the side of Sony, Phil Spencer, boss of Xbox, rather wants be reassuring. Asked by Bloomberg, he said: “I would just like to say to gamers playing Activision Blizzard games on Sony’s platform that we have no plans to remove Communities from the platform”, then ensuring “staying attached to it”.

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Microsoft does not want to withdraw Activision Blizzard licenses from the PlayStation

Although relatively vague, this announcement is enough to restore balm to the hearts of PS4 and PS5 players who already saw the next Call of Duty escaping them. Indeed, the strategy could have been understandable, but not certain that Microsoft would have made the right choice in depriving itself of a significant share of the market, especially for its flagship licenses. That being said, nothing is set in stone yet and the details of the acquisition obviously remain to be settled.

One thing is certain, the Xbox Game Pass is the clear winner of this whole story. Thanks to the takeover, the service has exceeded 25 million users. But above all, the catalog will be enriched with legendary titles, starting with Blizzard games, which have achieved (almost) faultless performance since its creation. It’s still time for speculation, but we’ve prepared a list of games that will likely join the platform once the takeover is finalized.

Source: Bloomberg

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