Activision unleashes heavy artillery against cheaters on Call of Duty

Activision warns that with the latest Call of Duty anti-cheat software update, cheaters will have to fight against players in God Mode.

After banishments with a vengeance, Activision is not done with cheaters on its games call of duty. Particularly active on securities Vanguard and Warzone, cheat software users will face a new hurdle once the latest Ricochet update rolls out. As a reminder, Ricochet is the name of the latest anti-cheat software created by Activision and implemented in its games at the release of call of duty vanguard.

When the server detects that a cheater is altering the game in real time, it disables the cheater’s ability to inflict critical damage on other players. This mitigation leaves the cheater vulnerable to real players. We track these encounters to ensure there is no possibility for the game to randomly or accidentally apply a damage shield regardless of skill level. »

This therefore places other players in God Mode, while they can kill cheaters, completely helpless against them. This feature is still in testing but is available worldwide. Current players may still experience some difficulty applying the Damage Shield, so please escalate any issues to Activision Support.

There are fewer cheaters on Call of Duty

The studio also explains that it is ” proud to announce that our security team has made changes to our security enforcement policy for modern PC and console titles in the Call of Duty universe. Previously, this adjustment only applied to Call of Duty: Vanguard. »

Also, as a final positive note, Activision explains that it’s getting fewer and fewer reports, implying that there’s a decrease in the number of cheaters on the franchise’s games. However, the firm does not announce itself as the winner, and declares that there is still work to eradicate the problem of cheating on its games, and above all maintenance work to keep pace with the cheaters, who are always innovative on the cheating methods.

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