Ad-supported Netflix plan could debut on November 1

First it was going to be for some time between 2023 and 2024, then the shot seemed to focus on 2023, later the possibility of it being before the end of the year began to be considered, and now, according to The Wall Street Journal, the debut of the long-awaited ad-supported Netflix subscription plan could debut, at least in the US, although it is possible that it also does it in other countries, in less than two months, on November 1. It is becoming increasingly clear how important this new subscription level has become in Netflix plans, after having closed the first two quarters of 2022 losing users.

Bringing forward the release date as much as possible also has another reason for being: to get ahead of Disney +, which also announced an economic plan with advertising and which, in principle, is expected to debut at the end of this year, more specifically in December. Disney has already announced that its plan would debut in the United States this year, making the leap to other geographies throughout 2023. For its part, the latest rumors about Netflix’s plan indicate that the launch could be more ambitious, with a first launch in United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France and Germany, among other geographies.

Ad-supported Netflix plan could debut on November 1

The sources pointed out by The Wall Street Journal, Netflix executives informed companies interested in hiring ads that the release date will be November 1 of 2022, which allows us to understand that the technological platform responsible for serving advertising would already be ready or, at the very least, very advanced, and that companies interested in advertising in Netflix’s ad-supported plan should already be very close to starting be able to contract their first campaigns.

In this regard, it has also transpired that Netflix intends to charge advertisers approximately $65 per 1,000 performances.. In addition, to try to guarantee the rotation of campaigns, and thus users do not see the same ad too often, the service would have decided to impose a hiring limit, per company or brand, of 20 million dollars. The key now, of course, will be to check the adoption volume of this plan, something that will depend on its price and limitations, since this will, in turn, determine the total volume of advertising impacts that the service is capable of serving.

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