ADayOffTwitch, the boycott that wants to turn off Twitch for a day

Some users are not at all happy with the control that Twitch exercises over their community, and that is that, according to them, there is a wave of hatred against some content creators that the service itself does not seem to be controlling. Due to this situation, and due to the supposed blind eye of Twitch, the hashtag #ADayOffTwitch is born, which tries to organize a global blackout of the service with which to attract attention.

The boycott against Twitch

The idea was born from the users Re kit, Raven, LuciaEverBlack and ShineyPem, who decided to create the hashtag ADayOffTwitch to invite all users not to make any streaming content or to visit the portal or the curante application on September 1.

According to them, for a large company to show you attention, you must disrupt their economic plans, so if during one day advertising and bit transaction revenues decrease considerably, they will probably attract attention. The problem will be to see to what extent they manage to motivate users to take the step, since in addition to not working that day, many streamers would see their income reduced, at the same time that others would find in the blackout a golden opportunity to be noticed in the meantime retransmission gap (if it finally occurs).

Are you looking at Twitch the other way?

Twtich problems fallen

The situation is worrying. In recent months the number of incitements to hatred through broadcast chats has grown, where many streamers have been the target of these attacks. With the idea of ​​calming the waters, Twitch announced new measures under the hashtag #TwitchDoBetter with which to side with the streamers and ensure that they will reduce the number of problems of this type, however, help continues to not arrive, and many users have already lost their patience.

Hence this proposal was born. The streamers most affected have decided to start the awareness campaign by inviting anyone interested in supporting the cause to share the hashtag and join the movement on September 1.

A global blackout

Twitch Accessories

The idea is that Twitch is without live content on September 1, an action that would cause the loss of advertising revenue during that day, something that the company would greatly notice. But as we have commented, we will have to see to what extent the community joins the movement at the cost of seeing their income reduced for a day, something that for the vast majority is a ridiculous amount, but that for some titans of the service would mean large amounts of money.

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