Adidas and Marvel launch new sneakers x Black Panther

The premiere is imminent Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, which will take place on November 11 and has aroused the greatest expectation among Marvel fans. Not because the first was a complete success that easily exceeded 1,000 million in collections, but to see what tribute and dedication Chadwick Boseman will takewho died in 2020, in the return of the superhero who raised him to the top of the very UCM.

Inspired by Black Panther

That being the case, and with the trailer very warm and fresh from the Marvel oven, we already have a new product that will take advantage of the pull that its producers expect after what was seen in the first installment. These are Adidas shoes, neither more nor less than a revision of the ULTRABOOST 5.0 DNA focused on running and that have been personalized with the official colors, shapes and decorative motifs inspired by the film that will hit theaters in November.

That is It is an already known Adidas model and that has been triumphing in its catalog for some time, so this customization to the Black Panther it can only make them even better. Keep in mind that they have been created in collaboration with Parley Ocean Plastic, which means that we help protect the environment by using recycled plastic materials from others that were recovered from the sea, so no new ones have been necessary to manufacture them.

The entire upper part is made with Adidas PRIMEKNIT fabric that it has the advantage that it adapts its shape to the foot, so it makes all movements comfortable. Undoubtedly, these sneakers will be perfect, not so much for playing sports (because of not breaking them given what they cost) as for accompanying us in our busy day-to-day work, university or institute.

More Wakandian technology

Surely Adidas would have been delighted to use technology from Wakandans but, for now, it has had to settle for the Earthlings that are the ones closest to hand. Hence, it has returned to incorporate these ULTRABOOST 5.0 DNA Black Panther Edition hundreds of BOOST capsules used by the Germans to cushion every step that we give and that, as it says on its official page, release “an explosion of energy in each stride”.

Adidas Wakanda Forever.

Actually, this model originally focused on running, They have been designed for a completely urban and daily useto accompany us on our usual walks and routes, making them more comfortable in the same way that the always advanced ULTRABOOST 5.0 DNA were already in the German catalogue.

Now yes, it is time to reveal the price, which Adidas has set at 200 euros that you can save nowor taking out of the piggy bank, for when they are put up for sale because at this time they are still in the early access and presale. So they will still take a while to arrive and be available while Black Panther: Wakanda Forever don’t make it to theaters.

Are you going to give yourself the whim of having some?

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