Adjust the color of your videos in iMovie

The importance of adjusting the color

Surely if you are starting the world of video editing you have not stopped to think about the importance of performing a correct color editing of each of the clips you have recorded and that you want to have a presence in your video. Adjusting the color is one of the practically indispensable actions When it comes to carrying out an audiovisual creation, and if you get used to doing it from the beginning, your videos will look much more attractive and professional.

Editing the color correctly is so important because in this way you will be able to convey one feeling or another. For the viewer it is not the same to see an image loaded with color, than a gray image, without brightness and with dull colors. Therefore, being able to adapt the color of your video to the sensation and message that you want to convey will help you to have a great impact on everyone who stops to watch it.

Let iMovie help you edit the color of your video

Evidently iMovie is not the most professional tool that Apple brings to the table for video editing, but certainly that is the most accessible and, above all, one of the best options to start in this world, since it has been designed and developed so that users can take their first steps in this world.

Therefore, the options that iMovie has to modify the color of the videos are just and necessary so that the most inexperienced users can learn and understand how the whole process works. But beware, although it does not have all the options that, for example, Final Cut Pro offers, the results that you can obtain with the available tools are really fantastic. Let’s see them.

Don’t you want to complicate yourself? Do it like this

The first tool that we want to talk to you about is surely the one that all users who have no knowledge of color editing and that, above all, you don’t want to complicate your life by testing and touching different parameters, will use. Although we have previously mentioned that iMovie is an option designed for beginners, it is a very powerful video editor, an example of this is this alternative that is capable of making a color adjustment automatically. The steps to make iMovie color edit your video with just one click are as follows.

  1. Select the clip or clips on which you want to make the color modification.
  2. In the toolbar on the right choose the first option.
  3. Click on «Automatic«.

Adjust color automatically

With these simple steps you will get the color of your video to change completely and thus be much more attractive for all the people who see it later. However, what we recommend is that, although initially you do not have knowledge about color editing, little by little you go researching and learning so that you can edit the color to your liking to adapt it much more to the message of your video. To do this, you can help yourself with the tools that we are going to talk about below.

Make your video have the same color

One of the very important points when editing the color of a video is to ensure that those clips that have been recorded during the same period of time have that color matching. For this iMovie has a fantastic tool that makes things really easy for you.

Making use of color matching will give your videos a much more professional touch. In addition, it will also help you that if you make a color modification later, you do not have to modify it individually to all the clips, but you can do it together. To do this, you just have to follow the following steps.

  1. Choose the clip on which you want to make the modification.
  2. In the toolbar, select «Correspondence of Colour«.Color matching process
  3. Select the part of another clip with which you want to match the color.
  4. Apply changes by clicking on the blue tick located at the top right of the screen.

Apply color matching

Control the white balance

A term that you have surely heard of on occasion is white balance. White balance is in charge of giving or removing temperature to the image of your video, that is, it is the one that controls the warmth or coldness that an image is capable of transmitting through its color. For this reason, this parameter is so important and you have to know how to use it to your advantage.

Luckily, iMovie has a tool that will make it easier for you to balance the white balance of each of the clips that make up your video. Again, as we mentioned before, with this option it will be iMovie who actually makes that modification and adjustment. Ideally, over time you will have enough knowledge to be able to carry out this modification manually and thus be able to adapt the white balance to your liking and your needs. Here are the steps to follow to adjust the white balance.

  1. Select the clip on which you want to make the adjustment.
  2. In the toolbar, click on «Balance of whites«.
  3. Click on an area of ​​the image where the color white is present.
  4. Apply changes by clicking on the blue tick located at the top right of the screen.

Apply white balance

Improves skin color

Skin color is another point where you have to pay special attention when editing the color of your videos. Usually, whenever a person goes on stage, the attention tends to fall on them, so it is very important that this have the right skin tone to generate that feeling of reality to the viewer.

Fortunately, if you do not have enough knowledge to be able to manually make the skin tone just the one you need, iMovie has a tool that will facilitate the whole process. In fact, you will hardly have to carry out any action and it will be the program itself that adjusts the color so that it is as balanced as possible. To do this, you just have to follow the following steps.

  1. Select the part of the clip in which a person appears.
  2. In the toolbar click on «Balance skin tone«.
  3. With the dropper, select a frame color.
  4. Apply the changes by clicking on the blue tick located at the top right of the screen.

Balance skin tone

Manually adjust the color of your video

As we have already mentioned before, the ideal is that over time be able to be yourself or yourself who makes the color modification manually. In this regard, iMovie does not have a huge variety of parameters that you can modify, however, it does have the essential and most important ones, which are really the first ones you have to control since they are the basis of any color edition.

These parameters that we are talking about are the contrast, the saturation and you temperature, which are reflected in three bars of different length with which you will be able to interact and which will gradually modify the appearance that each of the clips that make up your video have or will have.

Manual color editing

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