Adobe Acrobat DC or PDFelement, which PDF editor is better?

When we talk about PDF documents, we do so from a file format originally created by Adobe in the early 90’s and which since 2008 became an open source standard. This format is characterized by being able to incorporate all kinds of elements such as forms, texts, images, videos, URL links, etc. and they never lose their shape. To open and edit them we have a good number of programs on the market, being Acrobat DC and PDFelement, two of the most popular. That is why today we are going to compare them, to discover their differences and see which may be a better option.

Adobe Acrobat DC, the most popular PDF editor

Possibly we are talking about the best known and most popular PDF editor, not in vain it was the forerunner in relation to this format. Among its features, it has all kinds of functions, such as opening and viewing documents, as well as creating PDFs and making all kinds of variations on them. In this way it allows us to add, replace, move or change images, add texts, lines, bulleted lists, adjusting the paragraphs automatically.

It also has the ability to convert documents to Word, Excel and HMTL, edit them, send them over the Internet, add a signature, create and fill out forms, as well as compare and merge two files. In addition, it has full integration with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Dropbox, from where you can access them from anywhere. In addition, it is mainly based on the Adobe cloud where you can store and share files.

Standard and Pro versions

The Adobe PDF file editor currently has two versions available, such as the Standard version and the Pro version:

  • Standard version: this version has the possibility of creating PDF files and exporting them to Word, Excel or PowertPoint. It also edits text and images, allows you to create fill out, sign and send forms. It allows you to combine multiple documents and file types in a single PDF, as well as send documents for electronic signature and track responses in real time. Plus, password protect files
  • Pro version– Added to the functionality of the Standard version is the ability to compare two versions of a PDF file to review differences, convert editable PDF files, take advantage of advanced mobile editing features, and use censorship tools to remove confidential information from PDFs. Also, it validates and fixes PDF files for ISO and accessibility standards.

Working experience with Acrobat DC

To start the application it is necessary to access the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, which has serious stability problems, since we can find different reports of crashes that can complicate its use, so it can be quite frustrating. When we open a PDF with Acrobat DC it will take us to its main interface, where we find many options to choose from in its side menu. We can add images, web links, crop files, manipulate text, etc.

It will also allow us to combine files before finishing the conversion process. Adobe offers fill and signature options, add a bullet a signature. However we miss that do not have EPUB support. The interface will be comfortable for us to use if we are used to dealing with other company programs, otherwise it may seem a bit cumbersome and confusing, with too many options that we will surely never use, so we must spend some time customizing it.

Acrobat DC edit PDF

It does stand out for allowing us very detailed control over the security of our documents while providing us with extensive collaboration, annotation and writing tools. In addition, it has extensive tutorials and resources available for all types of users, which can help us make the most of the application.

PDFelement, the great alternative to Adobe

This program signed by Wondershare will allow us to perform all kinds of tasks. From creating a PDF to editing, encrypting and combining different files into a single document. When editing them, it allows us to add and move images, change the font, change the background and modify web links, being possible to edit one or more pages of it, and even divide the document into parts.

Another of its functions is to be able to create and edit forms, convert PDF to Word, Excel, EPUB or HTML, as well as protect them with a password. In addition, it has support for Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud and Google drive, and scan images and documents directly to PDF.

Standard and Pro versions

There are currently two versions available for PDFelement, such as the Standard version and the Pro version:

  • Standard version: with this version we will have the possibility to create PDF files, export PDF to Word, Excel or PowerPoint, edit text and images in a PDF file, annotate and comment on PDF files, convert PDF files, fill in PDF forms and secure and sign PDF files.
  • Pro version: this version adds to the features of the Standard version it adds other functions such as optical character recognition (OCR), add Bates numbering, transform scanned paper into editable PDF files, compress and optimize documents, create and edit form fields and create batch documents.

Working experience with PDFelement

PDFelement has a user interface that is similar to Office applications since it has a top toolbar where we find most of its functions along with a small sidebar for editing options. This is something that favors users accustomed to managing Microsoft’s office suite.

PDFelement interface

In the central right part of its interface we find a series of cards that works as a direct access to its most important functions. These can be Create PDF, Convert PDF, Combine PDF, PDF Templates, Batch Process, as well as the Open File tab, the most important when starting to work

PDFelement edit PDF

From the Edit button it allows us to make changes to the document, add images, text with style and font sizes, add a web link and adjust the page. It also allows us to change the background color and add a new header and footer. It stands out above all because it allows you to quickly edit, rotate and delete pages before starting the process, being very easy to navigate.

Adobe Acrobat DC or PDFelement Which one to choose?

We find two applications that offer a modern and simplistic user interface experience to use, aimed at all types of users. From their respective home pages, it is possible to access all the necessary options to create, convert and combine PDF. They are both solid editors, but if it is possible that PDFelement contains more functions and options to share than the Adobe tool. For its part, Acobrat DC has a user interface especially suitable for people who use other Adobe applications, otherwise it may seem like absolute chaos. In case of being users of Microsoft applications, it is possible that the PDFelement interface is more attractive to us.

Another aspect to take into account is the price, since Adobe does not allow you to acquire an Acrobat DC license for life so we will have to renew it year after year, while Wondershare does allow you to obtain a PDFelement license in a single payment, something that can tip the balance in your favor. But above all, what makes us rule out the use of Adobe Acrobat is because of the serious performance issues With which it has Creative Cloud Desktop from where we must run the application and that can lead to despair on more than one occasion.

Download, compatibility and prices

When downloading both Adobe Acrobat DC and PDFelement we have to bear in mind that we are talking about two commercial programs, so if we want to enjoy all their advantages it will be necessary to pay for their license.

Download Adobe Acrobat DC

To enjoy all the benefits of the Adobe PDF editor, it will be necessary to pay its license. In this way it will be necessary to pay a subscription of 15.72 euros per month for the Standard DC version or 18.14 euros per month if we want to use the Pro DC version, more complete with improved scanning, comparison and validation functions. We also have the option to try it for free for 7 days (only in the Pro DC version) by downloading it from this link. Of course, it will be necessary to enter a valid card number so that, once the trial period has passed, your billing begins unless we decide to cancel the subscription previously. The Standard version is compatible with Windows, while the Pro version is compatible with Windows and macOS.

Download PDFelement

As with the Adobe editor, PDFelement is a commercial application, so to be able to use it it will be necessary to acquire its license. For this we have the option of acquiring the Standard version that has a cost of 69 euros, if we opt for its annual acquisition or 79 euros if we acquire it for life. We can also acquire its Pro version, its price is 29.95 euros if we acquire its quarterly license. If we opt for the annual license it is 89 euros, or 129 euros if we prefer the license in perpetuity. It is also possible to download a free 14-day trial version from their website. The application is compatible with Windows, macOS, Android and iOS operating systems. On mobile devices you can use both Android and iOS.

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