Adobe delves into Generative Artificial Intelligence with Firefly and Sensei GenAI

Adobe has finally entered the field of Generative Artificial Intelligence with the launch of Fireflya image generator who has presented at the Adobe Summit 2023, and which its managers have defined as a family of generative and creative Artificial Intelligence models. Also with a package of generative AI services for marketing and sales, which they have called Sensei GenAI. In addition, they have taken the opportunity to launch Adobe Express Enterprise.

The first of the first two tools that Adobe has developed to take advantage of Firefly, is responsible for generating images from a request made by its users through text, returning an image generated from the request. So it works similar to DALL-E or Midjourney. The second of the tools generates artistic letters with different styles.

For now, yes, Firefly is in the testing phase, and can only be accessed through a dedicated website. But in time, probably when its testing phase concludes, the company plans to integrate its Generative AI tools into its suite of creation apps, which include Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere.

This means that for example, Photoshop will have designs generated by AI, that Illustrator will be able to generate vector variations from hand-drawn sketches, and that Premiere will let you change the color of an image, or its style, just by supplying it with another image. . Of course, these are just some of the examples of what Adobe tools will allow you to do once they have Firefly integrated.

Of course, the company has made it clear what type of data and images it has used to train its models. According to them, everything that has been supplied to their models is not copyrighted, or is licensed to be able to train them, or comes from the Adobe Stock library. In the latter case, the rights to the images it contains allow Adobe to use them in this and other cases. This means that they have not used artists’ works in violation of their copyrights.

The Artificial Intelligence tools created under the Firefly umbrella are designed to be easier to use than those of other companies. For this they have integrated options in the generator to choose artistic styles, lighting and aspect ratio.

In addition, you can apply the effects to an image that has already been generated, instead of having to generate a new one each time you want to update the effect. It will also be possible to add custom options. The text effect will also have built-in options for the size of the effect, as well as the background color.

Adobe plans to add a feature to Photoshop with the Firefly integration that may prove controversial. The company wants to let artists train the system with their work so that it can help them generate visual content in the artist’s own personal style. Of course, for now, since the function has the potential to be used for unclear purposes, they are evaluating how they can manage and solve the problems that may arise in this regard.

They are also working on a non-training system that allows artists to embed the request in an image’s metadata, which can make it unusable by external training systems. For now it is not known if there is any Adobe partner that has agreed to respect this “no training” system, and for now the company is negotiating about it with other modelers.

To access the trial version of the first two Firefly tools no Creative Cloud subscriber account requiredalthough Adobe will limit the number of people who can access the test.

Adobe Sensei GenAI and Express for Enterprise

In addition to a generative AI tool for creating images, Adobe has also announced Adobe Sensei Gen AIa set of Generative Artificial Intelligence services. Are designed for the business world, and will be integrated into your suite of productivity apps. The services use a combination of AI technologies, including Adobe language models and the Azure OpenAI service, to perform various tasks of the marketing and sales areas.

The first four tools in the suite to take advantage of Sensei GenAI will be Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Journey Optimize, Customer Journey Analytics, and Marketo Engage. All will have native integrations of their functions in the workflows.

For example, in Journey Optimizer and AEM Sites, users will be able to use AI services to create different versions of emails for advertising campaigns. Also texts for web pages. In addition, they will be able to adjust the texts by changing their tone, identifying keywords. They may also take updated files with product information as a source. At Marketo Engage, the Dynamic Chat marketing chatbot solution will be powered by AI. And in Journey Optimizer you can improve audience segmentation to personalize campaigns.

As to Adobe Express for Enterpriseis a business version of the Adobe Express cloud-based design platform. Its purpose, like the existing version of the platform up to now, is to facilitate access to content creation for those who do not have professional experience as designers, but on this occasion, for those who work in a company.

Adobe Express for Enterprise is available now as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud Enterprise subscription, and it has the necessary options to encourage and facilitate collaboration between companies and organizations. In addition, Creative Cloud Enterprise has collaborative workflows for companies, thanks to its native integration with Adobe Experience Manager.

With this integration, users of the platform for companies will be able to access company assets, such as logos or videos, apart from the Adobe creative cloud libraries, without having to manually upload the content to Adobe Express. In this way, a centralized creative hub is generated that can be accessed by any employee of the company. TO

In addition, it allows the creation of custom templates that incorporate specific corporate assets. For example, social networks, or email templates with the colors, fonts and logos of the brand. Non-creatives will be able to quickly tweak them to deliver content without having to jump between apps, or reaching out to multiple team members to get what they need.

Creative Cloud applications, such as Photoshop or Illustrator, will also be integrated with Adobe Express for Enterprise, which will have storage space for the team that uses it: 1 TB of storage for companies or 100 GB for individuals. It will include access to Photoshop Express. The Photoshop and Illustrator integrations are not yet available, and there is no target date for their integration yet. In addition, Adobe is adding Adobe Firefly to Adobe Express for Enterprise.

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