Adobe includes collaboration software in Creative Cloud

Last August, Adobe purchased, an online video review and collaboration platform for professionals in creative disciplines. He paid $1.275 million in cash for it, and even then the company said it would use it to develop deeper integrations between its Premiere Pro tools and After Effects and Therefore it is unlikely to be surprising that Adobe has confirmed that, from now on, and as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud packageAdobe customers who use the latest versions of After Effects and Premiere Pro they will have access to the extension as part of their subscriptions. They will also be able to connect to with their Adobe ID and password. for Adobe Creative Cloud will include free sharing, with unlimited external reviewers, accelerated file transfers, and 100GB of dedicated storage, which will be separate from your existing Creative Cloud storage plan. In addition, your users will be able to work on five different projects at the same time, and the plan will support up to two users, who will be able to collaborate on a project in real time. It will also include’s camera-to-cloud feature, which allows remote editors to start editing their videos virtually as soon as you shoot them.

Therefore, for Adobe Creative Cloud is halfway between’s free plan and its cheaper paid plan of $15 per month per user. The latter supports pass from the camera to the cloud, up to 10 users, 250 GB of active storage and 4K video playback.

Besides, Adobe Premiere Pro is going to add several updates. From now on you will have a first step color correction tool with Artificial Intelligence that aims to eliminate difficulties in the video editing process. It will take care of applying automatic color correction to video clips, and then let the video editor take care of adjusting details like skin tone or sky tone.

It will also have a new header barwhich Adobe hopes will make navigating Premiere Pro a bit easier, as well as an export mode with more facilities to share videos on networks social.

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