Adobe Premiere Pro adds Remix mode and file export improvements

Adobe Premiere

Final Cut Pro is the professional video editing solution that Apple makes available to all users in its ecosystem. However, it is only available for Mac, which is a issue for video professionals working from both Windows and macOS.

Adobe Premiere Pro is the multi-platform solution for these professionals, a complete professional video editor that little or has nothing to envy to Final Cut Pro. The guys at Adobe have just released a new update for this application, an update that includes interesting new features.

Remix function

Selecting a song for a video is extremely complicated, especially when we also have to take into account the duration of the clip. Thanks to the new Remix function, this problem is a thing of the past.

This new feature uses artificial intelligence to analyze the songs and generate new mixes to fit the duration of a clip. The operation of this new function is so fast that we can try different combinations easily and without wasting much time.

Speech to text transcription

Thanks to this function, the work of subtitle videos is now much faster. Once we have downloaded the corresponding language packs (12 available in total), the user can transcribe videos without the need for an internet connection.

According to Adobe, on Macs with the M1 processor, transcripts they are 3 times faster than in the rest of the processors.

Even faster exports

Adobe Premiere

10-bit videos include more color information, which allows for great HDR results, however, require more processing and coding.

With this new update, the export for 420 HEVC 10-bit videos is now 10 times faster than the previous version.

Fits in the MacBook Pro notch

Although it’s not really a feature, I’m sure users of the new MacBook Pro will appreciate that Adobe has chosen to integrate the notch in the top menu bara notch that is still not well accepted by all users.

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