Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader, which PDF viewer is more useful?

Adobe Reader: pros and cons

Adobe is the company that created this format for documents. Therefore, he is also the one who will understand it best and who will give us the best support when opening all kinds of documents. Reader is also one of the more comprehensive PDF viewers that we can find, not to say the most complete. In it we can find a large number of options and functions that, as standard, are not available in other programs. For example, security features or digital signature.

However, this program carries some worrisome problems. For example, Reader is a program especially slow and heavy if we compare it with other alternatives, and it takes longer to open the documents due to its security checks. In addition, it is well known that Adobe programs are not exactly safe, and almost every month we will have to update, yes or yes, to be protected against new vulnerabilities.

We can download it from the following link.

Advantages and problems of Foxit Reader

Far from Adobe, another of the PDF viewers that we can find on the net is Foxit Reader. This PDF viewer stands out, above all, for being much lighter and faster than the Adobe alternative when opening documents. In addition, it also has a large number of useful functions for users, and quick access to recently opened documents and the company’s own cloud, where you can save the most important documents and share them with others.

It is also important to bear in mind that, despite being a complete program, it is much faster and lighter than its rival, a key factor when deciding whether we have a computer with limited power.

Foxit PDF Reader

Among its problems we can highlight that, sometimes, it can give compatibility issues, especially when printing certain documents. In addition, it does not have the radical security measures that Adobe software offers and that help us to be safe when opening a document that could be dangerous.

We can get it down from here.

Which one I choose?

The decision, in the end, is personal. Depending on the functionalities we are looking for, we can choose one or the other.

For example, if what we want is to have all kinds of options and functions, and a safe program, with a sandbox, that prevents a failure from endangering our computer, then it is better to bet on our own adobe program. On the other hand, if what we want is a simpler viewer, although also with many options, that consumes fewer resources and is faster, then Foxit’s viewer will be the right choice.

Then, there are some situations that, yes or yes, will force us to go through the Adobe ring, such as the use of digital signatures or filling in PDF documents from the computer.

Therefore, our recommendation, in favor of the performance of the PC, would be to bet initially on Foxit Reader, but not have the Adobe program very far so that, if we have any problem with the other, we can use it.

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