Adopt the Xiaomi 1C monitor for less than 100 €!

This promotion on the Xiaomi 1C monitor will not last forever with this amazing price!

If you’re looking for a PC display or screen to accommodate your PS5 (or Xbox Series), the Xiaomi Redmi 1C is currently on sale at a crazy price! Xiaomi has been in this market for a few months now and is doing wonderfully with some very useful features at a very low price. Moreover, if you intend to do a setup with two screens or three screens, this promotion is timely! Indeed, the Xiaomi 1C is currently on sale on AliExpress at a price of 97 € instead of 299 € using the code MI21. VAT and delivery from Europe included.

I take the offer

A no-frills Xiaomi Mi 1C

So, first of all, know that the Xiaomi PC screen does not have an Ultra HD definition, an OLED panel and a refresh rate of 120 Hz. No, you will have to be content with an IPS panel with a definition of 1920 x 1080 pixels. These are rather basic standards, of course, but they are managed to perfection thanks to the experience that Xiaomi has acquired in recent months and years using its smartphones.

The Xiaomi Mi 1C or Redmi 1A – for the Chinese version, has a panel size of 23.8 inches for a field of view of 178 degrees. Integrate two more screens on each side and you will have a sensational in-game and office experience. Moreover, for people who spend a lot of time behind a screen, the Xiaomi Mi 1C PC monitor has an anti-blue light filter in order to limit the degradation of the eye by dint of looking at the screen.

In short, few features, but they are managed to perfection in order to offer a product that will last over time. By the way, don’t forget that the Xiaomi Mi 1C (or Redmi 1A) is currently on sale on AliExpress at a price of 97 € instead of 299 € using the code MI21 ! Go for it quickly before letting such a good plan slip away!

Take advantage of the offer on AliExpress

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