Advantages of applying a tool like ChatGPT to a specific business

With all the popularity surrounding ChatGPT, companies also want to incorporate AI-powered strategies into their business. A generic solution like this one, which answers 80-90% of the questions, works well, but in a business environment is not sufficient. Customers want accurate answers, and companies need tools to help them provide them.

ChatGPT is wonderful for summarizing and asking elaborate questions, but it has serious limitations. The questions or queries made that are sent go to an external server together with all the requests made by any user in the world. In other words, if you have confidential questions, your data will not be stored within your company but rather outside, together with those of the whole world.“, maintains Enrique Plana, CEO of M47 Labs.

This expert adds that “these algorithms are ‘trained’ with public internet data, conversations on social networks, but they do not know anything about the internal data of the company itself. It would be like asking specific questions about processes of a company or organization, answering only with the information that is written on your corporate website”.

And it is that ChatGPT it is not perfect and has significant biases. Having an approximation of 80% can go well for generic questions, but at the day-to-day level or in specific cases there is no margin for error. The answers have to be very accurate, at least 99.9%. “An example of this is any question related to a medication, which is wrong 20% ​​of the time. This is unaffordable. To solve it, it is necessary to ‘train’ and adapt these models to the requirements of each case and vertical, in addition to requiring continuous improvement, polishing all these errors and biases.”, points out Enric Plana.


But what are the advantages of applying a tool like ChatGPT to a specific business? A ‘ChatGPT for business’ allows you to multiply the efficiency of your business in various aspects. “Among them, you could access through a chat or through a voice command, as if you were asking a partner. In addition, it streamlines data access for all departments in a more intuitive way without having analytical knowledge. Like you can speak naturally by asking questions like Which customer has had the most incidents? and what percentage of billing over the total we are having with it”, maintains the CEO of M47 Labs who adds that it also “speeds up processes in various departments, such as legal and human resources”.

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Another of the utilities that it would have for any company is the automation of customer service. “With these types of tools, the most frequently asked questions of each customer could be answered in the form of a regular conversation without seeming like a robot, so customer service experts can focus on spending more time on the most critical cases.”points out Enric Plana who adds that “We are not just talking about chat, since we could have a voice assistant to ask for the same through an app. As if it were a Siri or Alexabut that answers about specific issues of the business itself”.

Have a ChatGPT for a company it has multiple benefits. From M47 Labs they highlight the potential of this tool in relation to the cost of having the correct and structured information to make the best decisions much more quickly and the fact of being able to obtain customer insights immediately and in real time. In addition, it allows automating repetitive tasks such as classifying documents (data entry), and improving customer satisfaction, with the same customer service team, the time to resolve incidents is reduced, automating part of the process.

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