Advantages of contracting AppleCare +

Reasons to hire

Apple computers are not particularly cheap and the fear that the vast majority of users have is that they may suffer some damage and have to pay a large amount of money to repair them or even choose not to do so given the cost involved in being able to leave it again, as if it was fresh out of the box. One way to avoid this situation is to contract AppleCare+, which is Apple’s well-known insurance for its devices. Next we tell you the advantages that you will have when hiring it.

  • The main advantage is that you will have much cheaper repairs not free, or at least not all. By contracting this service, users have two incidences of accidental damage every 12 months, each of them subject to a service charge of 29 euros for damage to the screen or rear glass and 99 euros for other types of damage, speaking of the iPhone, but that is extensible to the rest of the equipment.
  • The priority access to technical support it is totally guaranteed, you will not have to wait anything to be attended when you need help from Apple professionals.
  • Related to help, AppleCare+ not only provides it in situations where you have a hardware problem, but you can also use this service if you have a problem with your computer’s operating system or even with an application.
  • The speed in the repairs is also to be taken into account, and it is that you will usually have the repair ready same day whenever this is possible. That is, within the technical service, those users who have contracted AppleCare+ will always have priority.
  • In the event that the repair of your equipment takes longer and you cannot return with it, with AppleCare+ you will have the possibility that the Cupertino company itself gives you a replacement equipment.

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How to do it

Hiring AppleCare+ is a recommendation that we from the editorial team of La Manzana Mordida make, since the peace of mind of having this servicein the moments in which you need help or repair your equipment is much greater than if you do not have it. Also, now payment for this service is made monthly, while before you had to pay all of its cost at once, it is now much more accessible to users who intend to hire it. To do this, hire him, you have the following ways.

  • Hire AppleCare+ at the same time you buy your device.
  • You can also hire within 60 days of purchase. For this you have three options.
    • Hire it from your own device, by going to Settings> General> Information> AppleCare+ Coverage Available).
    • Do it online, where Apple will check the serial number and diagnose the equipment to prevent fraud.
    • By calling 900 812 703, where they will ask you for proof of purchase and will also remotely diagnose the equipment.


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