AECIM joins Confemetal in the protest against the rise in gas and electricity prices

The Association of Metal Companies of Madrid (AECIM), has positioned itself against RDL 17/2021 and its consequences in the industrial activity, joining the Spanish Confederation of Metal Business Organizations (Confemetal).

Confemetal’s executive committee and board of directors have underlined the key importance of energy policy in the competitiveness of companies and, consequently, the need to act immediately to avoid negative impact that the application of the Royal Decree Law will have on the industry.

In this sense, Confemetal, which integrates eighty-seven territorial and sectoral organizations, proposes to exclude from the reduction of the remuneration all the bilateral contracts at a fixed price prior to the application of the Royal Decree to protect the legal security and the activity of the companies in the metal industry, commerce and services.

The executive committee and the board of directors of the confederation have verified that the legal uncertainty derived from the adoption of RDL 17/2021 has caused announcements of reduction or paralysis of investments, which will affect in a very negative way different industrial sectors, in addition to making it difficult the fulfillment of the objectives established by the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan 2021-2030.

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This regulatory uncertainty created by the Royal Decree Law will make it very difficult for consumer companies to close long-term power purchase contracts, PPAs, as required by the electro-intensive consumer statute, and requires temporary exemptions from this obligation until it is normalized. the market.

Auctions to meet demand

Confemetal’s executive committee and board of directors have also requested sufficient auctions to satisfy the industrial electricity demand in terms of price, security and supply guarantee essential for the competitiveness of companies. Likewise, Confemetal considers that sectors such as metal, energy consumer and a key part in the production of equipment and systems for the electrical industry, should be consulted prior to the adoption of regulatory measures that, like this Royal Decree Law, can be so harmful. be for your activity.

Confemetal’s executive committee and board of directors have also stressed that energy policy must be fully aligned with needs industrial companies and focus on economic competitiveness and environmental protection, without prejudice to any of them.

In addition, Confemetal has raised the need to reach a State Pact, away from apriorisms and with a vision of the future that will provide stability to the long-term energy policy and propose the reform of the current pricing system in the wholesale market.

Finally, the confederation reiterates in its analysis the need to work on the development of a common energy policy of the European Union in accordance with the needs of the states that allows to alleviate moments of stress such as the current one and generate certainty in all consumers.

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